Should the Police be doing Sex stings ?


Imagine how that same manpower could be better spent. We live in dangerous times where in my opinion, our precious law enforcement resources could be devoted to much more serious situations.

The average “sex sting” involves dozens of officers and usually consumes most of a week.

In the cases I have handled as a criminal sex crime lawyer the cost sheets provided by the State claim law enforcement costs somewhere around $80,000.  I That would go a long way when it comes to gathering intelligence on terrorists, mentally dangerous individuals and potential “shooters”. I personally think crime prevention is more important than crime creation with these police entrapment stings.

The Orlando shooting at the “Pulse” was horrific.

All around this Country more and more “shootings” are happening. Imagine how much more productive it would be for the police to spend their “Internet” time tracking and or communicating with real criminals like potential terrorists. The various police departments here in Florida have spent thousands of man hours creating statistics with arrests for traveling to meet a minor and Internet solicitation of a minor. Instead of baiting otherwise consenting adults simply looking to hookup, the police could be baiting potential terrorists looking to kill innocent civilians. I would be willing to bet that Grady Judd has no one in his agency trolling the Internet for terrorists. After all, terrorists shoot back.

Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?

The answer is not to ban Muslims from our Country. That is ridiculous! Most of the shootings in America have been by our own citizens, most of the time white males under thirty. How about focusing our resources on identifying the real threats to our safety? How about tracking people who have a violent history based on mental illness? How about funding treatment for the mentally ill?

As a Sarasota criminal defense attorney, but more importantly, as a Florida taxpayer, I would rather see my tax dollars put to a better use. How about you?