Operation Grand Slam lands 128 in Slammer in Polk County

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Peter D Aiken
Sex Sting Lawyer


Grady Judd is at it again wasting precious law enforcement resources chasing men and women seeking consensual sex for money. The world’s oldest profession is targeted in Polk. It makes great press for Grady. I wonder how many burglaries were committed while the police were arresting and processing 128 people mostly for attempting to have consensual sex.

How many cars were stolen? How many old folks were defrauded?

How many checks were stolen from mailboxes? How many domestic batteries were committed?

As a criminal defense lawyer, but more importantly as a taxpayer, it offends me to see manpower wasted on basically creating misdemeanor prosecutions for something like prostitution.

Prostitution should be legal.
In most civilized advanced countries it is. Out of 128 arrests, only one was for questionable “human trafficking”. Most of the women involved and all of the men offering money for sex were seeking a simple business transaction. An hour or so of “companionship” for a handful of money is all that was sought. That has been going on for all of time and as long as there are women and men, it will continue.
The Internet has taken women off the streets and mostly eliminated pimps. The oldest profession has become a lot more civilized and in my opinion it is a total waste of time for cops to burn up valuable man hours simply to create publicity for the Sheriff. If anything, legalized prostitution would decrease rape and child molestation. The real way to reduce crime is to make fewer things a crime.
There were four men arrested for traveling to meet a minor. Those are serious felony charges. It will be interesting to see if they were really looking for minors or whether or not the detectives were doing the basic bait and switch suggesting or offering a minor.
Time will tell.