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The Sarasota Bradenton area is way overdue for another Sex Sting
If the pattern holds true, another sex sting should be coming soon to this area. The Bradenton Sheriff’s office and the Sarasota Sheriff’s office usually try and make them coincide with drinking holidays like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day. My bet would be that they lay off the Craigslist Casual Encounter site and go more for the escort sites and the social media sites that use apps to set up casual hookups. Grady Judd has had a lot of success doing prostitution stings over in Polk so it is only a matter of time until they do them here. One of the wrinkles they have been running is to pose as an escort service and then when an adult calls in, try and do a bait and switch and substitute a minor. The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime. Never even think about hooking up with anyone even close to being a minor. Demand proof of age as an adult. Never fall for any temptation or suggestion of an underage hookup.
I would predict the cops will also be targeting gay men using “underage” as real bait. Casual Encounters in now dominated by gay “men for men” posts. If there is even a remote suggestion that the person on the other end is underage, run, don’t walk, away. The other trend is that of child pornography stings. Here in Sarasota they are really targeting child pornography and seeking life sentences on anyone possessing child pornography or worse yet sending it. As a sex sting lawyer and child pornography attorney I am appalled at the sentences being handed down. Just two weeks ago the Second District Court of Appeal held that 63 years in prison was not cruel and unusual punishment in a case involving child pornography videos. I have suspected for years that the police actually run some of the child porn sites. There is some suggestion that the FBI raided a site and then kept it up for some time offering kiddie porn getting the IP addresses of the customers. Never engage in file sharing on ARES. Law enforcement has a secret app that comes into a computer without your knowledge. Never possess child pornography and if offered it, do not bite or accept it. You now get more time for looking at pictures and videos than you do for actually committing some actual crimes.
When people are arrested in sex stings, they are usually held where they cannot communicate with the outside world for a few days. They don’t want them to talk to a lawyer. If you get a call from a relative or friend arrested in a Sex Sting, call A SEX CRIME ATTORNEY


Arrests showing up in Pinellas Sex Sting

Peter D Aiken
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Florida 2015 Internet Sex Sting views by attorney Peter

There was, and probably still is, a sex sting running in Pinellas County. At least ten men have been arrested so far and charged with traveling to meet a minor or solicitation of a minor. Most of the men arrested are young, but in this sting many of them are black, instead of the typically all white defendants. This probably means the police targeted black hookup dating sites. It is very unusual to see a large number of black men arrested in these type of stings. The police in the past have targeted gays and military men but in this one, it seems they targeted Afro-Americans. The arrests will probably continue over the next several days. Often the police go back and arrest people who chatted but did not travel under the theory they instead solicited a minor with dirty texts or chat.
It will be interested to see the details of the arrests. Typically, there is a big press conference where the Sheriff, the FDLE and the police departments involved claim they are making the County safe from sexual predators. In my experience in handling dozens of these cases, the facts prove just the opposite. The police generally pose as an adult. I suspect in this case, the police made the initial contact with most of the defendants targeting adults who had profiles on the various dating sites like “Plenty of Fish” or the date hookup sites. It is not unusual to see the police establish contact with a “wink” and then claim to be 14 or 15 years old. As a sex crime lawyer, I think it is fundamentally unfair and a form of entrapment for the police to initiate contact with an adult looking for another adult and then try and lead them into a cyber conversation with a detective posing as a minor. A much better use of police resources would be for them to try and keep kids, real kids, off the Internet. Lecturing in middle schools would be a good start. Giving lectures at PTA meetings would be a better use of police resources.
My name is Peter D. Aiken, a criminal defense lawyer, and I blog all the time telling men not to interact with minors on the Internet. Sex with someone underage will most of the time get you arrested and is just not worth it. The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime. Don’t even think about hooking up with someone underage. If you are on a hookup site, demand absolute proof of age. To be safe, you should not even think about hooking up with anyone under 21. That gives you a few years just to be safe. Just because a person is arrested for a sex crime does not mean they are guilty.

If you have a family member arrested, do not abandon them. They need you now. If you have questions about a sex sting arrest or sex crime call a sex crime lawyer.

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Is there another Sex Sting running in Pinellas County?


Peter D Aiken
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It is hard to tell if there is another sex sting or an isolated arrest in January 2016. When the Sheriff runs a sex sting now, the information regarding the arrests is blocked from the public and the media. The Sheriff or the Chief of police after several days will make a big press release disclosing all of the arrests at one time. The sex stings seem to have fallen off in the last year (except for the ones run by Grady Judd) and St. Petersburg is long overdue. Usually in the past the bait was a suggestive ad in the adult section of Craigslist Casual Encounters. Lately, the police have targeted the escort sites and other social medial sites and the various hook up phone applications. Whey they run an escort ad, after they get a response or a call they will try and do the “switch” claiming that the prostitute is really a minor but “you will really like her”. They try and get men who are looking for an adult escort interested in an under aged fictitious person. They will lure the unsuspecting “John” to a takedown location and then arrest them for traveling to meet a minor or attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor.
The best way to not get arrested is to never fall for that temptation to hook up with a young girl. Never, no never travel to meet anyone underage, no matter how tempting they make it sound. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit any crime, particularly something like soliciting or enticing a minor. Face it guys, there are no real underage girls out there who want experience. Face it guys, there are no real underage girls out there who want experience. They can get all the experience they want from teenage boyfriends and if you get a text even suggesting a tryst with a minor, terminate all contact immediately. Do not even engage in any “fantasy’ talk. The police will arrest you for talking dirty with a minor. It is not a crime but that will not stop them from arresting you not even engage in any “fantasy’ talk. The police will arrest you for talking dirty with a minor. It is not a crime but that will not stop them from arresting you.
The best way to do that is prevention. Parents have the prime responsibility to keep their kids from being molested. The police should be giving lectures in middle school on the dangers of the Internet.  If a loved one has been arrested in one of these Internet sex stings, call an experienced sex crime attorney