Stopping Crime or Creating Crime?

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In almost every Internet Sex sting case I have handled in the last four years (29 of them) the police claim that they are on the Internet and are contacted by sex predators looking to hook up with children. The police pose as parents offering their children for sex. They pretend to be mothers who want someone to teach their daughter about sex or single dads who want a man to teach their daughter. They justify this by claiming that Internet sex with children is rampant and they are catching men that are preying on children. This simply is a false claim and really only a justification to create arrests. Grady Judd of Polk County is the biggest offender when it comes to this public misinformation. The Sheriff in Volusia County has now jumped on board and Sheriffs all around Florida claim the same.
The real question is whether or not the police are interrupting ongoing crime or are they creating it? Over the next several months I will be requesting public records in the cases I am now handling to document the false claims by the police. This can become important if an attorney is arguing objective entrapment. Is there a financial motive for the FDLE, the Sheriff of Manatee County or the Sheriff of Sarasota County to make sex sting cases? Has there ever been a legitimate case of a parent offering a child in Manatee County? We will see. If not, then this bolsters the argument that law enforcement is creating crime not detecting it.
The simple fact is that most jurors have a basic misconception of what is really going on. Jurors believe that the police are doing the right thing catching real pedophiles. They really do not understand what is really behind the explosion of sex offender arrests. True Internet sex crime has not increased. It fact it has gone down.  As an internet sex sting attorney,What has increased dramatically in the last five years is the effectiveness of police entrapment. They know just what to say to entrap otherwise law abiding citizens into chatting, sexting and interacting with undercover officers on the Internet. Sex stings are big business for the cops. To catch real sex predators it takes time and effort to build a case. It is far simpler and cheaper to create a crime. There is not a week that goes by that there is not a sex sting going on somewhere in Florida. The truth needs to come out and as a sex crime attorney, I will do my part to expose it. If a loved one has been arrested and you think the police created the crime we need to prove it. Men arrested in these cases are presumed guilty. Family member should not abandon them. Being weak or giving in to temptation is not a crime. Call today for a free consultation at 941 366 3506