Is another Sex Sting in the Works for Sarasota County in November 2015?

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There have been at least twelve sex stings so far in Florida this year and another one could be coming soon.
There was a heavy presence of law enforcement in Sarasota today, November 2nd, with task force members from Osceola, Pinellas and Polk County getting together. That usually means something is in the works for another Internet Sex Sting or Child Pornography Sting.
By my count there have been 213 felony arrests so far this year with surely more to come in the remaining two months with holidays. The cops can not seem resist holidays and giving out invitations . The names given to the “Stings” are almost laughable.
The one in Okaloosa was called “Wolf Hunter”. The sting in Osceola was called “Blind Date”. One of the ones in Seminole was call “Safe Summer” and one in Jacksonville called “Operation Savior”. In Manatee “Operation Green Shepherd IV” a horrible sequel.
I have an idea for some new names for the upcoming stings. What not call it like it is with something like “Operation Bait and Switch” or “Operation Master Baiter”? How about something catchy like “Operation Mo Money” or “Operation Grand Stand”? The simple truth is most of the men caught up in the stings had no intention whatsoever of targeting minors. Most are gullible lonely introverts on the Internet in “adult only” dating sites looking for companionship. Many are simply engaging in fantasy chat where, in truth, both sides of the conversation are lying through their teeth.
Why is it that when the police lie, and claim to be something else, and engage in seductive chat that it is ok? When on the other end a person lies about age, lies about sexual history, and engages in seductive that, the police claim it is the truth. The Internet is about adults lying to each other most of the time. Men get prosecuted basically for lying in these stings.

I had a judge recently comment in dismissing one of these cases “This is just two adults lying to each other”.

The bottom line is never chat or text with a minor about anything, much less sex. There are no real horny young girls on the Internet. There are no parents, single moms or older sisters who want their kids to learn about sex. It is always the police. The solution and the real answer to protecting kids is to keep them off the Internet. If you see a child on the Internet, flag them, block them and report them. Do your part and keep real children off and out of adult Internet dating sites.

If you feel that you may be under investigation as a result of a conversation or communication you had on the internet, phone or chat room. Everyone  at sometime or other make mistakes. Do not wait call me, Peter Aiken as soon as possible so that I may address or dismiss your concerns. I blog on this all the time and sadly men still get busted doing something stupid. If you need an experienced sex crime lawyer or just want a second opinion on your sex sting case feel free to call an experienced sex crime lawyer.