Bradenton Sex Sting Cases now in the Court System

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Bradenton Sex Sting Cases now in the Court System

The Manatee Sheriff held suspects in “booking” for days with no contact allowed with an attorney and only one call to a bondsman.  They did this to keep the latest sex sting, Operation Green Shepherd III in February 2014 a secret.  The sex sting started right before Valentine’s Day 2014 with cops contacting men on adult dating sites.  The police would pose as adult women during the 2014 sex sting actually giving a legal age.  They would then run their bait and switch and tell the men that they were really only 14 or 15.  I was actually blogging on this sting as it was running.  Many innocent men were entrapped by this questionable tactic.  Now the cases are in the Court system and the truth about the police conduct will come out.  You cannot believe or put any faith in what the Sheriff or law enforcement says when it comes to these “Stings”.  The police do lie, really.

There are defenses to these charges.  The police claim that in many instances, the defendant lured, solicited or enticed a minor over the Internet.  The truth is that it is the police that are doing the luring, soliciting and enticing.  It is the police that are lying about age.  It is the police that are bringing up sex.  It is the police that are inviting men to travel.  It is the police that are saying “bring condoms”.  Now that the cases are in the court, the actual texts and emails will be made public.  What the police just did 2014 here in Manatee is similar to the other Sting they just ran in Clearwater.

The Sheriff has forgotten his “Mission”.  Law enforcement is supposed to “protect and serve”.

The Sheriff is not protecting anyone.  The Sheriff is creating crime so an arrest can be made.

Entrapment should be made a crime.  Lives are being destroyed by these police tactics.

If you have a loved one arrested in this sting, be supportive.  Do not believe what the press says about sex stings.  Do not believe the spin put on it by law enforcement.

Let me hear what you think.   Your replies are kept confidential.

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