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In the second Internet sex sting in as many weeks, twelve men were arrested by Sheriff’s deputies in St. Johns County in April of 2016. Florida leads the nation in running sex stings where undercover deputies try and talk men into meeting with minors for sexual acts. The police describe these types of stings as proactive law enforcement. I would describe it differently. As an experienced sex crime attorney, I have now been involved in over thirty sex sting cases where police post on the Internet trying to lure men into compromising situations. In almost every case, it is the police that are doing the luring and seducing. In many cases, it is the police that make first contact. In many cases, it is the police that post suggestive profiles or make suggestive comments. In many of the cases, the men try and break off contact only to be contacted repeatedly by the undercover cops trying to lure them back in. In many cases, it is the police that ask men to bring condoms, snacks or wear particular clothing. What you see in the press releases is often simply not true. When you actually read the transcripts of the conversations, you would be shocked. Sex is the ultimate bait and often the men that fall for this are introverted, shy and sometimes mentally challenged.

The police are not catching the real sex predators with these types of operations.

Many of the departments receive financial aid in the form of equipment and funding from the Federal Government. They have to justify this “aid” with arrests and prosecutions. The real solution and the answer in keeping children is parental involvement. Parents should be the gatekeeper when it comes to Internet usage. Parental controls should be on computers. The computer should be in the living room, not the child’s bedroom. Parents need to know who their kids are chatting with. Parents should routinely check their kid’s cellphones for suspicious activity. Parents should know if their kids are “sexting” with others on the smartphones. The solution to this problem is prevention not entrapment. If the police spent a tenth of the money they do on stings in educating kids to the dangers the problem would be solved. At the core of the problem is the fact that some Sheriff’s want the publicity. It gets them elected. Some State Attorney’s in election years want to appear “tough on crime”. When they do these operations they can make press releases touting the fact that they are “protecting the children in our County”. Well over half of the men arrested are young, lonely and easily manipulated by experienced undercover chatters. They know what to say to get someone to travel to meet a minor. They know what to say to get someone to send a “dirty pic”. They know how to work the system.

If you have a son or daughter arrested for traveling to meet a minor or Internet solicitation of a minor or “Sexting”, give me a call. I may be able to help or point you in the right direction.

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Operation Green Shepherd III Finally Made Public February 18, 2014


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Operation Green Shepherd III Finally Made Public February 18, 2014

The Bradenton Sheriff, Brad Steube, finally on February 18th 2014 came forward with the public announcement that another 25 men were arrested in the latest Internet sex sting in Manatee County.  I have been blogging on this since it started last week.  In the press release they make it sound like they have apprehended sex predators.  The truth is that, just as in the Pinellas County, Clearwater, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Tampa, Hillsborough, Seminole, Polk, Pasco, lake County, St Johns, Jacksonville and north Florida Cyber underage sex stings, it is the sheriff’s office and the participating police agencies that are the real sex predators.  If the public only knew the truth.  Twenty five lives have now been destroyed by police entrapment.  When the truth finally surfaces, and it will, the public will find out that the police were contacting adults on adult sites on the Internet.  The police were lying and posting profiles as women as old as thirty one.  The police were bringing up the subject of sex, inviting men to travel and were the ones doing the soliciting and seducing.  What the police are doing should be a crime.

In the latest sting, the police went way overboard.  When they finally did the bait and switch and mentioned age, many of the men balked or terminated conversation.  The police at that point are supposed to quit.  In many of the cases, they did not.  They, the cops, would reinitiate contact and go out of their way to entice the men into further conversation.  Some of the men traveled to warn what they thought was an under aged girl about the dangers of the Internet.

I watched this one unfold all weekend.  You could see the police ads and profiles in some of the dating sites like Craigslist Casual Encounters, Datehookup.com, and Meetme.com.  The police were contacting men who were not even remotely looking for a minor.  They were engaging them in chat and texts and actually suggesting sexual encounters.  They would say things like “I am not happy with guys my age”.  Law enforcement is supposed to let the suspect set the “tone and pace” of the conversation.  In most instances, the cops would send a picture of an adult they claimed to be a minor.  The police did all of the luring, seducing and enticing.

If you have a loved one arrested in one of these stings, do not assume they are guilty.  They need your support and help now.  The police held these men in “booking” all weekend to keep them from getting in touch with lawyers and their relatives.  The men now have all lost their jobs and many cannot afford an experienced sex crime lawyer.  These cases are defensible.

As a Florida Sex Sting Attorney, I want you to know the other side of these stories. If you want to know the truth about what the police really are doing, read all of my blogs.

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