The Cops are the Real Internet Sex Predators

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The Cops are the Real Internet Sex Predators Operation Cyber Justice October1, 2014
The police are now really pushing the envelope when it comes to entrapment in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota County. It has gone way beyond the police simply putting up seductive profiles on Craigslist Casual Encounters and waiting for a reply. In a recent case I handled in Pinellas I learned that the police are using sites like and to let computers do the matching. If you are on with your profile, simply looking for another adult, chances are you may be matched with an undercover cop by simply putting up an innocent profile. The police are now letting the dating sites do the matching before they do their bait and switch.
The police are constantly running Internet sex stings on the west coast of Florida in towns like Bradenton, Sarasota and Clearwater. It is an easy way to generate arrest statistics and publicity. This is particularly true in the Summer season when arrests are down and they need to bump up their statistics. The best way to meet women is the old fashioned way where you walk up and introduce yourself. The Internet is a dangerous place. You do not even have to be on a computer. If you have an Iphone, you are in danger of being matched with and undercover cop. Once you respond you can expect to hear or see something like, “Sorry, I am really only 14 and was just curious about this site”. The police may even invite you to travel to meet them and make it sound really tempting. Even if you do not travel they may charge you for simply chatting or texting. The police may put up ads on pretending to be prostitutes. If you respond they will then try and bait you saying “I am really only 15”. The cops may pretend to be a “pimp” and try and tempt you with things like she is really good.
The best way to not get charged with a sex crime in Bradenton or Sarasota is to not commit the crime. They are even more intense in operations in Volusia and Brevard counties snaring innocent victims trying to get a date on adult dating sites. No matter how tempting the ad or conversation may be, hang up, disconnect and flag the ad with the provider. If someone is on the Internet and claims to be a minor, report them to the police. Do not even think about having sex with someone underage, much less fantasize about it in texts or chats on the Internet. The “Thought Police” are watching.
If someone suggests sending pictures of a minor, do not do it. If someone who purports to be underage, asks you for a “pic”, do not send it. AS A SEX CRIMES ATTORNEY, I have now been involved in about twenty of the recent Internet Sex Stings and can tell you from experience, the police are becoming more creative and aggressive in their entrapment techniques. If you see words like “taboo”, go no further. Do not even go on sites like or
If you are contacted be absolutely sure about the age of the person on the other end. The number one lie on the Internet is about age. The number two lie on the Internet is about gender. Always thoroughly check out the identity of the person on the other end before any date. If the person is even remotely underage or even close, go no further. Call me, Peter D. Aiken in my office at 941 366 3506.


Polk County at it again in Cyberchild III Child Porn Sting July 1, 2014

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Polk County at it again in Cyberchild III Child Porn Internet Sex Sting July 2014

Yet another internet sex sting was announced July 1, 2014 in Polk County.  Sheriff Grady Judd again on television announced the arrest of another sixteen men in this latest child porn sex sting.  Although the facts are not yet public, as a Florida Sex Sting Trial Lawyer,in all likelihood undercover Sheriff’s deputies were again trolling the Internet trying to induce men into either sending or receiving child porn or traveling to meet a minor.  It is important to remember that these men are assumed to be innocent.  In the past, as the true facts unfold we learn that in many of the so called sex stings, it the undercover officers that are the ones luring, seducing and enticing otherwise law abiding men into succumbing to temptation.  If a loved one has been arrested, do not assume they are guilty.  Sadly, most of the time, families and employers abandon men based solely on the criminal charges that are filed.

As a sex sting and sex crime lawyer, the one thing I have learned is not to prejudge a situation.  There is a world of difference between an accusation and proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  Over the next few days and weeks we will learn more about this the latest Florida sex sting.

As a Child Pornography Defense Attorney, I often see that some people assume that if a person possesses child porn, they go on to molest children.  In most instances, this is simply not true.  Over the years I have found that many of the men that are charged with possession of child pornography were victims themselves in their youth.  Viewing pictures of minors does not mean that a person molests minors.  Often child pornography images can end up accidently on a computer.  Even if a person tries to delete a child pornography image, it unfortunately still remains in the unallocated space part of the hard drive.  Not all criminal defense lawyers understand the ins and outs of child pornography defense or understand or appreciate the difficulty of defending sex crimes.  If a relative or loved one has been arrested in a sex sting feel free to call for a free consultation.

I have handled sex sting and child porn cases in Sarasota, Manatee, Lee, Polk, Seminole, Pinellas, Lake, Osceola Counties and have followed cases in all other counties in Florida and other States for years and have good grip on what it a takes to win.  Call my office in Sarasota at 941 366 3506 or visit our office in Sarasota 2060 Ringling Blvd Sarasota, Florida 34237. we also have offices in Ft. Myers and Punta Gorda. As a Florida Sex Crimes Attorney and an experienced Florida Sex Sting Trial Lawyer, I will be glad to answer all questions you and with your permission, your family’s questions regarding your arrest and what your future options can be.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested in a Florida sex sting operation involving child pornography, traveling to meet a minor, communicating with a minor on the internet or texting with intent to have sex with a minor or attempted lewd and lacivious acts against a minor via the internet and need a attorney that has Internet Child Sex Sting Defense and Child Pornography Defense Trial Experience call me, Peter Aiken today at 941 366-3506.

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Sarasota Internet Sex Sting Running today, April 26th, 2014

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Sarasota Internet Sex Sting Running today, April 26th, 2014

Is 2014 the year of the Internet Sex Stings?  Pinellas County sex sting two weeks ago and another one here in Sarasota this week.  Just as I predicted, the Sheriff here in Sarasota followed suit and ran another so called “sex predator” undercover Internet operation once again targeting men on adult social media sites.  It does not matter that they were not seeking to engage in sex with underage minors.  It does not matter that they posted profiles on adult sites looking for consenting adult women.  It does not matter that they were not initiating contact.  When the smoke clears and the true facts come out, in almost every one of the sex sting arrests the police will be shown to be the driving force, bringing up sex and inviting men to travel (to get arrested)

It is like shooting fish in a barrel for the cops.  The FDLE post enticing photos.  The internet task force contact men and make suggestive comments.  Sex is the ultimate bait and my bet is that by the time this current sting is over, twenty or more men will be entrapped into traveling to meet a minor or tricked into sending suggestive sex photos to what the under cover cops claim is a young girl.  They will run the same “home alone” lingo.  The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.

Never email a person if they claim to be a minor it is usually the cyber police.  Even if they start off saying they are an adult and then say something like “sorry, I lied about my age” terminate all contact immediately.  Do not even think about having sex with anyone under 21.  I know that is a few years over the limit but don’t take any chances.  It is sort of like catching a grouper that is barely over the limit.  Don’t take a chance.  Throw it back just to make sure.  Demand that anybody you email with send you proof of age.  Do not accept their word for it.  Demand proof of legal age.  Never travel to any house to meet with anyone.  Always meet only adults only in public places.  The Internet is a dangerous place. Craigslist is full of serious predators.  Some of them are cops trained and trying to talk you into committing crime.  I am not saying don’t get caught.  I am saying don’t even think about sex with anyone remotely underage. Do not do it

The latest stings are targeting gay men.  Be careful about, and the other sex hookup sites.  As Sarasota criminal defense attorney, I have handled two dozen sex sting cases in Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Seminole, Hillsborough and Pinellas County. The pattern is always the same.  Naïve young men are duped and tricked into doing something they would not normally do by law enforcement trained to get you there.  Do not let curiosity lead you into a terrible arrest.  Do not do anything that will lead to becoming a registered sex offender.  If a relative or close friend get arrested, get good competent legal advice from an attorney who has handled multiple stings.  Not all Sarasota criminal defense attorneys have handled these types of cases.  In hiring a lawyer, do your homework.  It is easy to document the number of actual sex sting cases a lawyer has handled.  If you interview an attorney and need representation in a sex sting case like Operation Intercept do not rely solely on advertising.   Call me at 941 366 3506

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Operation Green Shepherd III Finally Made Public February 18, 2014


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Operation Green Shepherd III Finally Made Public February 18, 2014

The Bradenton Sheriff, Brad Steube, finally on February 18th 2014 came forward with the public announcement that another 25 men were arrested in the latest Internet sex sting in Manatee County.  I have been blogging on this since it started last week.  In the press release they make it sound like they have apprehended sex predators.  The truth is that, just as in the Pinellas County, Clearwater, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Tampa, Hillsborough, Seminole, Polk, Pasco, lake County, St Johns, Jacksonville and north Florida Cyber underage sex stings, it is the sheriff’s office and the participating police agencies that are the real sex predators.  If the public only knew the truth.  Twenty five lives have now been destroyed by police entrapment.  When the truth finally surfaces, and it will, the public will find out that the police were contacting adults on adult sites on the Internet.  The police were lying and posting profiles as women as old as thirty one.  The police were bringing up the subject of sex, inviting men to travel and were the ones doing the soliciting and seducing.  What the police are doing should be a crime.

In the latest sting, the police went way overboard.  When they finally did the bait and switch and mentioned age, many of the men balked or terminated conversation.  The police at that point are supposed to quit.  In many of the cases, they did not.  They, the cops, would reinitiate contact and go out of their way to entice the men into further conversation.  Some of the men traveled to warn what they thought was an under aged girl about the dangers of the Internet.

I watched this one unfold all weekend.  You could see the police ads and profiles in some of the dating sites like Craigslist Casual Encounters,, and  The police were contacting men who were not even remotely looking for a minor.  They were engaging them in chat and texts and actually suggesting sexual encounters.  They would say things like “I am not happy with guys my age”.  Law enforcement is supposed to let the suspect set the “tone and pace” of the conversation.  In most instances, the cops would send a picture of an adult they claimed to be a minor.  The police did all of the luring, seducing and enticing.

If you have a loved one arrested in one of these stings, do not assume they are guilty.  They need your support and help now.  The police held these men in “booking” all weekend to keep them from getting in touch with lawyers and their relatives.  The men now have all lost their jobs and many cannot afford an experienced sex crime lawyer.  These cases are defensible.

As a Florida Sex Sting Attorney, I want you to know the other side of these stories. If you want to know the truth about what the police really are doing, read all of my blogs.

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