With a Cop in Bradenton February 2014

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The Manatee Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies have been running a sting called Operation Green Shepherd III in Manatee since last Wednesday February 12, 2014.  In this Bradenton, Manatee County Sex Sting Operation there has been no press release yet but it will come any day.

This time, in addition to Craigslist, they also posted profiles as adults on other sites like  They actually solicited adults and engaged them in emails, texts and chat. They police lied initially saying they were an adult looking for an adult.  The police actually solicited the people to travel and were in some instance the first to mention sex.  All of this is in violation of ICAC standards and procedures and constitutes entrapment.

I was blogging on the sting as it was happening.  The police agencies all over in Florida seem to be in a contest to see who can entrap the most people.  A sting was also running in Lake County.  In the last couple of sex stings the police have changed their focus and are randomly targeting adults looking for adults.  The police are the true sex predators targeting innocent young men who are on adult sites looking to meet other adults.  In just the first half of February of 2014 here in Central Florida there have already been two stings that have run for sure.

The police undercover ads on Craigslist are obvious.  They use terms like “home alone” and when they get someone to respond say something like, “I am only 14, I lied”.  Many times after they engage someone in texts they will say “I don’t have much experience”.  They will often say, “parents are away” or use a term like “spring break” and mention high school.

Never have contact with anyone who could be a minor.  If anyone even hints they may be underage, terminate all contact and flag the ad.  I know that most of the people arrested never intended to hook up with a child and were only talked into it.  Do not let simple curiosity get the best of you.  Stay away from and Craigslist.  If you even text with an undercover officer you may get arrested for simply thinking about sex.   So when you see a text that says “I am shy and inexperienced lol”, walk away.  Never send a pic of your penis to anyone.  The best way to never get arrested and need a sex sting lawyer like me is to not commit a crime to begin with.  If you have questions call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation or visit my sex crime defense site at