Hiring a Sex Crime Lawyer in 2015

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If you or a loved one have been arrested read this

All lawyers are not created equal. Experience, knowledge and qualifications vary.
Unfortunately, we live in a world of advertising and often what you read or see is simply not true. The Internet is loaded with ads from criminal defense lawyers that claim to have experience handling sex crimes. Some lawyers simply run ads and then refer cases to other attorneys to do the actual work and appear in Court. Experience really does make an enormous difference in getting good results and in hiring a lawyer you need to really investigate qualifications, background and the track record for getting good results. Check for verified Bar Association complaints. Some lawyers claim to be “local” although they really are not. Just like with the lawyer ads you see on TV, you need to read the fine print, except, there is no fine print. When you have a serious problem, you need to talk to the lawyer himself, not relay messages or speak with some operator.
You do not need a referral service, you need a real lawyer
There are a number of advertising and referral companies that provide listings for lawyers. Lawyers pay for placement on these services and buy their way to the top. When you Google search under a particular category, the first three listings at the top of the page are paid ads that were purchased. The ads on the right are also purchased advertisements. As you scroll down you will find other lawyer listings. Go to the actual web pages for these lawyers. Read them carefully. Any lawyer who claims to be the “best” is simply ego driven. There is no such thing as the “best’ lawyer. Depending on the type of case, depending on where the case is filed, depending on the particular experience and expertise and depending on the particular background of the lawyer certain lawyers may be better for a particular case than others.
Call or meet with the lawyer personally
Sex crime cases are incredibly difficult. Jurors start off prejudiced against you. Prosecutors have zero tolerance and often judges, as humans, seem harsh. In handling sex crime defense, experience is a must. There is no substitute for years and years of hands on negotiating, actual jury trials and courtroom appearances. Just as with a mechanic for your car, what you are paying for is the lawyer who knows what screw to turn and how far to turn it. They cannot teach that in books and that skill comes only with time in the pit. When you interview a lawyer, ask yourself. Is this the person I want standing beside me in Court, defending my life and future? Hiring a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based on advertising or puffing. Do your homework!

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