Arrests in Lake County Internet Sex Sting Blog as I Predicted

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Arrests in Lake County Internet Sex Sting Blog as I Predicted

As I predicted over the weekend, the cops ran another sex sting in central Florida.  If you have been following my sex sting blog, I predicted the arrests would come.  There were ads on Craigslist all weekend running in various Counties including Hillsborough, Lee and Sarasota.  The ads ran the teaser catch phrase “Home Alone Again”.  There was another ad that suggested “Family fun” with a “Dad + 3”.  I also predicted that the police would be replying to legitimate adult ads with their typical bait and switch tactics.  I actually watched this one unfold on the Internet in real time blogging on it as it was happening.  It is amazing how effective the police are at entrapping people into traveling to meet a minor.  Sadly, most of the people that get tricked into responding had no intent of soliciting a minor.  Could it be that the true sex predators are in law enforcement?  Who is really doing the soliciting?  Who are posting the suggestive ads on the hookup sites?  Who is really asking people to travel?  Who first brings up sex and who is pushing for a meeting?  It most of the cases, it is the police promoting the sending of pictures and suggesting a hookup.  It is the police that say “bring condoms” 

Another 22 lives have now been ruined in this latest Lake County sex sting.  In this latest sex sting called “Be Mine” the police have lured 22 men into compromising situations.  My guess is that most of these guys really are not pedophiles and had no predisposition to engage in sex with a minor.  As a sex sting lawyer I see this happen month after month.  Thousand of guys are getting sucked into these sex traps.  Hopefully, eventually when enough lives are wrecked the public will become aware and pressure the Legislature to do something to stop this police abuse.  I am now handling these cases all over Central and Gulf Coast Florida.  If you want to respond, do so or if you have a friend or relative busted in the latest sting, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

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