Eighteen More Men Arrested in Jacksonville Sex Sting

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Eighteen More Men Arrested in Jacksonville Sex Sting

Here we are in June of 2015 and in just one week there have been sex stings in Polk, and Lake Counties and now again in Jacksonville Florida.  Are there really more sex offenders or are the police just getting more creative at creating crimes and entrapping gullible young men.  There cannot possibly be this many men looking for kids on the Internet.  The truth is that in the last thirty sex sting cases I handled, not once was there even a hint of a real child on the Internet.  Every County is jumping on the cyber child sex sting publicity bandwagon.  The latest Jacksonville sex sting involve Bradford, Brevard, Marion, Okaloosa, St. Johns and Volusia Counties and involved police from the Tallahassee, Gainesville, Pensacola and Jacksonville police departments.  What is being reported is simply not true.  The press releases claim that suspects are using electronic devices to solicit sexual activity from minors.  That is incorrect.  What is really happening is that the police are on adult sites or targeting adult phone applications and after engaging adult men in suggestive conversations then change the age in classic bait and switch.  The police encourage and solicit travel to meet minors.  In most of the cases what really happens is just the opposite of what is reported.  The public needs to be educated as to what is really happening.  The police are not detecting or preventing crime, they are creating it.

                                               Operation Savior ?

The latest operation was named Operation Savior.  It should more aptly be called Operation Entrapment .  It amazes me that week after week, unsuspecting normal adult men are talked into committing crimes.  Young gullible men are tricked in traveling to meet a minor.  Sex is the ultimate bait.  Here are the golden rules.  There are no real young 14 year old girls on the Internet that want to find some older guy to teach them.  It is always a cop.  There are no real fathers, mothers or sisters trying to find an older guy to have sex with a minor.  It is always a cop.  The best way to stay out of trouble and not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Never chat or text with a minor under any circumstances.  If someone contacts you on a phone application and then says they are underage, report them to the police.  Do your civic duty and help stop crime and never, no never, travel to meet a young girl.  Never send child pornography and never, no never, send a penis pic to anyone.  To use a phrase from the drug ads….Just say no…Report the minor, flag the ad and contact law enforcement.  Thousands of young men are having their lives destroyed in these sex stings all across Florida and America.  As a sex sting lawyer what I see breaks my heart.  A conviction destroys your life and becoming a registered sex offender for life basically screws you for life.

Experience Counts when your life is on the line

I have now defended over thirty of these types of cases.  They are defensible if you have good facts.  Many defense lawyers simply do not have the experience in this area so if you have a loved one facing this type of sex crime, and you need to hire an experienced compassionate criminal defense trial lawyer. One article stated that they have arrested 18 men so far, if you or a loved one feel that you are under investigation in this internet sex sting please do not hesitate, call today  call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506




JSO: 18 men arrested in ‘Operation Savior’ child sex sting