Lake County Hub of Latest Internet Sex Sting in February of 2014

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Lake County Hub of Latest Internet Sex Sting in February of 2014

As I predicted in my blogs over the weekend, a sex sting was in fact running with ads posted on Craigslist in Sarasota and Lee County.  The police were soliciting with their old standard catch phrase home alone again and who knows how many people responded.  Another ad they were running mentionedFamily Fun and a “Dad + 3”.  The police were also targeting military men with catch phrases.

So far, six arrests have been made public but that number is going to rise as the day goes on.

As a sex sting lawyer, I track stings and the arrests as well as the cases as they go through the Court system.  Who knows how many men responded and did not fall for the bait and switch entrapment tactic?  Who knows how many people were contacted and solicited by a Sheriff’s detective or FDLE agent and did not fall for the entrapment scheme.  Hundreds of lives have been destroyed by police entrapment.  I am sure their press release will brag that the cops are arresting sex predators.  The absolute truth is the police are the sex predators preying on lonely adults simply looking to hook up or date another adult.  As more and more people realize the police are on Craigslist, the cops turn to the other dating sites and randomly respond to normal adult ads with the goal of luring, soliciting and enticing normal men and women into compromising situations.  They want you to travel and will invite you to come.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in this Orlando area sex sting, call for a free consultation.  Not all criminal lawyers regularly handle sex stings.  The law in this area is evolving daily with more and more Courts ruling on the entrapment defense.  I have handled Internet sex crime cases, including child pornography in central Florida as well as the Gulf Coast Counties.  Many people are tricked into sexting, sending sexually explicit videos and images to what they think may be an under aged person.  Never send a penis pic to anyone.  When you see a phrase like “I am really only 15” or “I don’t have much experience” terminate all contact and flag the ad.  Kids should not be on the Internet and in fact they are not.  The only so called kids on the Internet are cops.  When you see “NSA”, no strings attached, what that really means is that “handcuffs are attached”.  Call Today for a Free Consultation :941 366 3506