In a World Without Computers

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If you are placed on Sex Offender Probation you cannot have access to the Internet or other computer services. How can you live in this world without accessing the Internet or a computer? The probation department considers almost all modern cell phones as computer devices. How can you pay your bills? How can you do your banking? Can your wife have a computer in the house? Even most government agencies such as Social Security are going entirely paperless. Can your wife have a computer in the house?. Imaging not being able to use Google Maps or Google Earth. Imagine trying to drive or find a business without the Internet.
The reality is that if your are convicted of a Sex Crime in Sarasota or some sex offense in Bradenton and you are placed on probation, the conditions are so strict that day to day chores become impossible.
If you have been arrested for sexual battery or lewd and lascivious conduct or child pornography a conviction can bring your regular life to an end. Probation is better than jail but the key is to avoid a conviction. As a Sarasota sex crime attorney and a former prosecutor and former agent I can assure you that before pleading guilty you really need to look at the alternatives. As an experience criminal lawyer you have to realize that no two sex cases are the same. If the charge is sex with a minor you face an uphill battle and you need someone defending you that has years of courtroom experience. Can your wife have a computer in the house?
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