Eighteen More Men Arrested in Jacksonville Sex Sting

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Eighteen More Men Arrested in Jacksonville Sex Sting

Here we are in June of 2015 and in just one week there have been sex stings in Polk, and Lake Counties and now again in Jacksonville Florida.  Are there really more sex offenders or are the police just getting more creative at creating crimes and entrapping gullible young men.  There cannot possibly be this many men looking for kids on the Internet.  The truth is that in the last thirty sex sting cases I handled, not once was there even a hint of a real child on the Internet.  Every County is jumping on the cyber child sex sting publicity bandwagon.  The latest Jacksonville sex sting involve Bradford, Brevard, Marion, Okaloosa, St. Johns and Volusia Counties and involved police from the Tallahassee, Gainesville, Pensacola and Jacksonville police departments.  What is being reported is simply not true.  The press releases claim that suspects are using electronic devices to solicit sexual activity from minors.  That is incorrect.  What is really happening is that the police are on adult sites or targeting adult phone applications and after engaging adult men in suggestive conversations then change the age in classic bait and switch.  The police encourage and solicit travel to meet minors.  In most of the cases what really happens is just the opposite of what is reported.  The public needs to be educated as to what is really happening.  The police are not detecting or preventing crime, they are creating it.

                                               Operation Savior ?

The latest operation was named Operation Savior.  It should more aptly be called Operation Entrapment .  It amazes me that week after week, unsuspecting normal adult men are talked into committing crimes.  Young gullible men are tricked in traveling to meet a minor.  Sex is the ultimate bait.  Here are the golden rules.  There are no real young 14 year old girls on the Internet that want to find some older guy to teach them.  It is always a cop.  There are no real fathers, mothers or sisters trying to find an older guy to have sex with a minor.  It is always a cop.  The best way to stay out of trouble and not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Never chat or text with a minor under any circumstances.  If someone contacts you on a phone application and then says they are underage, report them to the police.  Do your civic duty and help stop crime and never, no never, travel to meet a young girl.  Never send child pornography and never, no never, send a penis pic to anyone.  To use a phrase from the drug ads….Just say no…Report the minor, flag the ad and contact law enforcement.  Thousands of young men are having their lives destroyed in these sex stings all across Florida and America.  As a sex sting lawyer what I see breaks my heart.  A conviction destroys your life and becoming a registered sex offender for life basically screws you for life.

Experience Counts when your life is on the line

I have now defended over thirty of these types of cases.  They are defensible if you have good facts.  Many defense lawyers simply do not have the experience in this area so if you have a loved one facing this type of sex crime, and you need to hire an experienced compassionate criminal defense trial lawyer. One article stated that they have arrested 18 men so far, if you or a loved one feel that you are under investigation in this internet sex sting please do not hesitate, call today  call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506




JSO: 18 men arrested in ‘Operation Savior’ child sex sting

Creating Crime in Volusia……More Sex Stings 2015

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Creating Crime in Volusia……More Sex Stings
Sheriff Ben Johnson announced yet another Sex Sting in March of 2015 targeting prostitution and men on the Internet. Forty three arrests were made as a part of two operations. The sex stings called Operation Volusia Broadband and Operation Preda Tour 2015 targeted two different types of alleged sex crime. When the Sheriff went on television, he claimed as usual that he was protecting the public from horrible men targeting young underage girls on the Internet. The claims simply are not true and are merely an exaggeration to cover up what is really being done in these sex sting entrapment operations. In some cases, the police pose as parents offering children for sex. I have yet to see a single case in Florida of any real situation where a parent is offering a child. The police are not targeting actual crime. They are creating crimes. They are not interrupting crime, they are luring and tempting men into compromising situations. This is the exact same thing that happened in Bradenton with Operation Green Shepherd IV, just a week ago. The law enforcement agencies are getting huge sums of Federal money and have to justify it with arrests. The so called ICAC task forces are composed of various law enforcement groups such as local sheriff’s departments that need to justify taking money from the Feds.
More and more of the judges handling these cases are beginning to see the light and see what is really happening. If you are on the Internet and anyone even remotely suggests a meeting or tryst with a child, immediately terminate all contact, flag the posting and contact law enforcement. Prevention is the answer when it comes to crimes against children. There are no real parents, single moms or single dads on the Internet offering children. That is a total fiction created by the police to justify entrapment. The truth is that there are no 14 year old girls on the Internet that want to learn about sex. That is a total fiction created by the police to justify these sex sting operations. Internet dating is dangerous and now the police are using cell phone applications to match up unsuspecting men with fictional underage girls. The latest bait and switch involves child pornography and chat rooms. If you are on the Internet and anyone suggests any type of sexual activity with a person 13 or 14 walk away. Report suspicious activity to Craigslist, Badoo.com, Meetme.com or any other site that allows such postings. Law enforcement has also targeted the world’s oldest profession, women selling sex. They have taken it one step further and are posing as prostitutes. When a man accepts their offer, the police then try and create a felony by pretending to be under 18 years old. The police actually try and create a human trafficking crime. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Do not interact with anyone on the Internet that even hints they are a minor. Month after month more men fall for the temptation of underage sex. Get real….there are no real children on the Internet seeking sex with older men. Most of the time, the real predators are the police and catch weak men that are not strong enough to walk away or terminate contact.
If a loved one has been arrested in the March 2015 Volusia Cyber child sex sting, we may be able to help. As a Florida sex crime lawyer, I understand what the police are really doing and understand how a false accusation can destroy a life. You can contact me for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

Deputies said Operation PredaTour wrapped up Saturday night and targeted child predators, prostitution and distribution of child pornography, If you had a close family member arrested in this sex sting operation and have numerous unanswered questions call Peter Aiken today at 941-366-3506 for a free consultation, do not doubt your loved ones get answers.

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Have You Chatted with a Sweetie?

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Have You Chatted with a Sweetie?
Law enforcement has taken sex stings to a new level. You have to see this link. A cyber child has been created that pretends to be a ten year old girl. Thousands of men worldwide have been chatting with a computer simulated child funded by a Dutch financed program. In Australia, one man has already been convicted and sentenced to two years for chatting with a cyber child. With modern computer programs and the ability to create computer generated images you can safely assume that nothing is real anymore.
It is only a matter of time, if it hasn’t happened already, that law enforcement employs this new tool to their sex sting investigations. Our criminal justice system is broken when it comes to sex stings. The police continue to use entrapment techniques and lure more and more innocent men into compromising situations. The police now randomly contact men and try and talk them into sex with minor. The police are all over Badoo.com posting profiles as adults. The dating site then automatically matches the undercover profile with unsuspecting men looking for adult women. A man who has no intent of ever hooking up with a child then gets a picture of an adult woman on his phone. When he responds to the adult profile, the undercover chatter changes the age and tries to engage the unsuspecting man into texting with a goal of trying to lure him into sex. This is absolutely entrapment.
The police are also still putting up postings in adult sites and then after getting hits, pretending to be moms who want men to have sex with their teenage daughters. Men are still falling for this. There are no real moms on the Internet that want you to teach their daughters. If you see an ad that says “Single dad with daughter”……read no further. Flag the ad and report it to the police. If the Internet ads are flagged, it keeps real children off the Internet and that is the ultimate goal. The police need to focus on prevention and put their efforts towards keeping real children off the sites, not tempting otherwise innocent men into crime. As a sex sting lawyer I have been involved in dozens of cases and in most of them, the men were not seeking children. The police initiate the situation, and then if the men are not strong enough to walk away from temptation, they arrest them. If a loved one has been arrested in one of these stings, do not abandon them. There is a world of difference between being weak and being a predator. Call today for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

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Sarasota Overdue for Sex Sting


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Sarasota Overdue for Sex Sting

If statistics hold true, Sarasota is due for another Internet Sex Sting in the near future.  Manatee has conducted three stings in three years all called Green Shepherd and the latest being Operation Green Shepherd III.  There have been two sex stings in Sarasota called Operation Intercept One and Two.  As they say, third time is a charm and I would be willing to bet we will see the police trolling the Internet here any day now.  My prediction is that the next sting here in Sarasota will result in multiple arrests and another media circus for the Sheriff.  Once again we will hear “We are protecting our community from sex predators.”  Sadly, it is the police that are the sex predators targeting young men on adult sites simply looking to hook up.

The police tactics will likely change.  As a Sarasota sex crime attorney I have been tracking and following the stings all over the State.  The trend seems to be targeting regular social media sites and not just Craigslist Casual Encounterslike before.  You can expect law enforcement to be responding to profiles posted on Meetme, Match.com, Backpage, Modelmayhem.com and Adam4Adam.  Instead of posting ads on Craigslist like before, the police will actively be responding to ads and trying to bait and switch unsuspecting young adults.

If the pattern holds true you will see police actually contacting men with a “wink” or comment like “urcute”.  You will then see an email or a text usually using a phrase like “My parents are gone for the weekend” or the standby like “home alone”.  Eventually the undercover FDLE agent or the undercover Sheriff’s deputy will say, “I lied, I am really only 13” or “I am still in School”.  The best way to not get arrested in Sarasotais to not commit a crime.  Do not fall for the entrapment techniques used by the cops.  Never continue to talk to an under aged person on the Internet or a smartphone.  The truth is that there are not minors on the Internet looking for someone to teach them about sex.  When you see “I don’t have much experience” I can guarantee you, it is an Internet Child Sex Sting. As a Florida Sex Sting Attorney, go with your initial instinct, if you interact with someone who says they are a minor, report them and flag them on the Internet.  You don’t want to become the next victim of a Sarasota sex sting called Operation Intercept III.  Do your part, flag minors and get them off the Internet.

Over the last three years, I have defended men in these types of stings in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Seminole County.  Over the years as a Sex Sting Lawyer I have also defended men in Lee, Polk and other jurisdictions.  If you or a loved one get arrested and read this blog too late, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506 or you can learn more by visiting Sarasotadefender.com or thesexoffenderdefender.com or click here to visit my SEX STING LAWYER WEBSITE


Jurors Acquit Man in Deltona Florida Sex Sting

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Jurors Acquit Man in Deltona Sex Sting

Thank goodness we have a jury system.  In December in Deltona a man was acquitted based on an entrapment defense.  The issue in the case was “who was doing the soliciting?”  In all of the Internet Sex Sting cases a defendant is charged with either using a computer or cell phone to solicit a minor or traveling to meet a minor after using the Internet to solicit a minor an a parent of a minor.  In the Deltona sex sting, the police initiated the contact.  A juror sent a question to the Court asking about “solicitation” and who did the initial “contacting”.  Ultimately, it is for the jury to decide but as a Sex Sting lawyer I have found that most of the time, it is the police doing the soliciting.  In the Deltona case the undercover cop was posing as an adult woman with a sister age 14.  The man was interested in the adult, not the minor.

The common ploy now is for the cops to pose as sisters, brother and sisters and parents.  One of the two will be an adult and the other a minor.  With their basic bait and switch tactics, the undercover cop will get the person interested in the adult and then try and move the conversation to the minor.

The police no longer are limiting themselves to Craigslist.  They are now trolling the regular dating sites and not just the sex hookup sites.  If you see an ad or if in a conversation someone even mentions a minor, flag the ad and never go back to it.  There are no real minors on Craigslist looking to hookup.  They are all cops looking to entrap you.  Stay off of Craigslist.

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Don’t even think about even emailing or texting with anyone even remotely suggesting they are underage.  Let me hear your comments on this subject. If you have been charged in a sex sting, sex crime or crimes against children, please call today for a free consultation at (941) 366-3506 0r in Ft. Myers call (239) 334-8890

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