Jurors Acquit Man in Deltona Florida Sex Sting

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Jurors Acquit Man in Deltona Sex Sting

Thank goodness we have a jury system.  In December in Deltona a man was acquitted based on an entrapment defense.  The issue in the case was “who was doing the soliciting?”  In all of the Internet Sex Sting cases a defendant is charged with either using a computer or cell phone to solicit a minor or traveling to meet a minor after using the Internet to solicit a minor an a parent of a minor.  In the Deltona sex sting, the police initiated the contact.  A juror sent a question to the Court asking about “solicitation” and who did the initial “contacting”.  Ultimately, it is for the jury to decide but as a Sex Sting lawyer I have found that most of the time, it is the police doing the soliciting.  In the Deltona case the undercover cop was posing as an adult woman with a sister age 14.  The man was interested in the adult, not the minor.

The common ploy now is for the cops to pose as sisters, brother and sisters and parents.  One of the two will be an adult and the other a minor.  With their basic bait and switch tactics, the undercover cop will get the person interested in the adult and then try and move the conversation to the minor.

The police no longer are limiting themselves to Craigslist.  They are now trolling the regular dating sites and not just the sex hookup sites.  If you see an ad or if in a conversation someone even mentions a minor, flag the ad and never go back to it.  There are no real minors on Craigslist looking to hookup.  They are all cops looking to entrap you.  Stay off of Craigslist.

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Don’t even think about even emailing or texting with anyone even remotely suggesting they are underage.  Let me hear your comments on this subject. If you have been charged in a sex sting, sex crime or crimes against children, please call today for a free consultation at (941) 366-3506 0r in Ft. Myers call (239) 334-8890

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