It is 2015 If you have ever asked “Are You A Cop?” and did they say “No”

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Is it OK for Cops to Lie? Did you say: Are you a Cop?
Incredibly, many people believe that if you ask an undercover cop “you are not a cop are you”, the undercover officer has to tell the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth.  As a Sarasota criminal defense lawyer I have talked to hundreds of clients who actually believe that a police officer if directly questioned as to whether or not he is an officer, has to tell the truth. That would totally defeat the purpose of the police going undercover and posing as drug dealers or drug purchasers. That is like asking a spy if he is a spy.
I have no idea why so many people believe this total fiction. Imagine if an undercover officer was making a buy for crack cocaine in the hood. Imagine the seller walks up to the car and says “are you an undercover cop”. Do you think for a minute the deal would go down if the officer told him the truth. I don’t know where people got the idea that the cops have to tell the truth. Deception is part of the job of an undercover cop. Their job is to look like a dealer or user. I have even heard of them smoking pot with someone if it allows them to penetrate an operation. Cops even fake taking pain pills to make a deal
In the real world, the cops do some pretty questionable stuff in the name if justice.
Do they lie? Absolutely. Do they pretend to be something they are not? Absolutely.
Do they have to tell you that they are a cop? Absolutely not.
The only time they have to tell the truth is in the Courtroom under oath or on their sworn police reports. Even there, sometime, to get a conviction, some of them still lie, even under oath. You read all the time about convictions being set aside when they find out cops have lied or fabricated evidence. As a drug crime lawyer handling cases in Bradenton and Sarasota it happens every day. What then is the truth?

If you have been arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine or worse yet selling cocaine or selling pot to an undercover cop, you need to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney. You may have entrapment as a defense. What is entrapment?

As an experienced sex crimes lawyer, I see the same tactics used by ICAC in sex sting operations all over the United States. The subject says: ” You sound like a cop…are you a cop?”  The cop replies: “No why, it hurts that you even say that, don’t you like me?” Do you think for a minute the deal would go down if the officer told him the truth. You have the right to remain silent. If you are under investigation or under arrest exercise that right and call me, Peter D. Aiken for a free consultation.  941 366 3506

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