Nationwide Sex Sting Arrests Super Bowl Week 2015

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Nationwide Sex Sting Arrests Super Bowl Week February 2015
All across the country, police departments arrested men (johns) as a result of an Internet sex sting in the days before Super Bowl. Sixty four percent of the men had responded to undercover police ads on and seven percent on Craigslist casual encounters. There were 570 arrests and in some of the cases, arrests were made for kidnapping, drug trafficking and possession of firearms. The police claim that they are sending a “strong message” to the men who use the services of prostitutes. The simple fact is that prostitution has and will be around for all of time. The answer is to legalize prostitution in America. America learned nothing from “prohibition”. Making something illegal does not stop the activity. It only increases it. It is all about money or the need for money. In this latest sex sting, 570 men were arrested and fined $341,330 in fines. Two hundred and twenty one cars were seized for forfeiture.
In Bradenton recently, the Sheriff’s office added a twist to the way they do the stings. The Sheriff placed an ad on offering Asian massage with a picture of an attractive Korean woman.There was no use of the computer and the only conversations were on a land line phone. They then put an undercover female on the phone who described what she would wear and do. This is absolute classic entrapment. In Manatee County, they took it to a new low and charged the man with soliciting a minor when it was in fact the police that were offering sex. There was no use of the computer and the only conversations were on a land line phone.
More Internet Sex Stings coming in Florida
You can count on the Central Florida ICAC task force to jump on the bandwagon and be all over offering sex. There are more police on the Internet soliciting sex than there are women offering sex. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit the crime. Never under any circumstances communicate with anyone on the Internet if they even remotely hint they are underage. If you see a text or email that says “I will be 15 soon”, terminate all contact and flag the ad. Everyone wants to keep kids from being lured, seduced or enticed. The other side of this is the police should not be on the Internet trying to lure, seduce and entice men into doing something they would not be inclined to do. As a sex sting lawyer, I have now been involved in thirty one Internet sex sting cases and it is appalling seeing the way the police have handled these cases. There is no oversight and the State Attorney’s office generally backs the cops and goes forward, no matter what the police have done. Noah Pransky has done his part in exposing this type of entrapment and questionable police tactic.
Hooking up and doing time
If you try and hook up on the Internet and money is offered or demanded, chances are, you are not going to get laid, you are going to jail. Do not give in to temptation. It is not worth getting arrested. If you are reading this blog too late, call Peter D Aiken today for a free consultation at 941 366 3506 or

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