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More Arrests Coming in Clearwater Tampa Internet Sex Sting

The arrest of thirty five men in Clearwater is only the beginning in Operation Home Alone Sex Sting.  The team that includes Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Investigative Operation Bureau, Special Victims Unit, Crimes Against Children Unit, Patrol Operation Bureau, Violent Crimes Task Force, DUI/SEU Unit, Clearwater Police, St. Petersburg Police Department, Polk County Sheriff’s office, Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, H.E.R.O. Child Rescue Corp., FDLE, FBI, United States Air Force, Office of Special Investigations, Pinellas-Pasco State attorney Office, and ICAC Task Force promise up to 50 more people will be arrested in the next month.  These men did not travel to meet a minor, they simply chatted with an undercover posing as a minor on the Internet.  If a person sends a sexually explicit image to a person believed to be a minor (usually, an undercover cop), they can be arrested and charged with transmission of improper images to a minor.  If you get convicted of such a crime, you become a registered sex offender for at least the next twenty years.

If you think you chatted or emailed with what could be a cop don’t wait for them to knock on your door.  Whatever you do, do not consent to an interview with a detective or a sheriff’s investigator.  They are not your friend.  They are there to arrest and prosecute you.  Do get sucked into their “thought crime” mentality.  The truth is that the Internet has become the new phone sex substitute.  People engage in fantasy chat with what they thing are adults.  It is just a fantasy.  The police do not treat it as such and will bust you for even talking about having sex with a minor.

There are more arrests coming out of the latest sting in Pinellas.  Seventeen agencies worked on this and they are desperate to create more arrest statistics.  You have the right remain silent and you darn sure should.  Never try and talk your way out of it.  The only words coming out of your mouth are “I want to talk to a lawyer”

If you have a loved one busted in this latest sex sting and want a sex crime lawyer contact my office for a free consultation.  Don’t wait for them to come for you.  For a Free Consultation Call 941-366-3506