Massive Arrests in January 2014 Clearwater Sex Sting

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Massive Arrests in January  2014 Clearwater Sex Sting Operation Home Alone

As I predicted the Clearwater police and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office have arrested at last count 35 suspects in the latest Tampa Bay Sex Sting, “OPERATION HOME ALONE”.  They are already beating the drums and claiming that they arrested “sex predators” and are protecting our children from pedophiles.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The real truth is that many otherwise innocent men are now the victims of classic police entrapment.  What the public is not told are the details of the cases.  Most of the men were in adult sites expecting to email, text and chat with adults.  This is classis bait and switch tactics.  The real truth is that the police have a financial incentive to produce results.  They forfeit the cars and seize computers and cellphones.  Many of the Counties get money from the Feds in terms of their share of the ICAC Federal grants.

You cannot believe what you see on TV and read in the media.  Most of the people arrested really were not after children.  Most of those arrested had no prior contact with children.  The police set them up carefully luring them into situations where they would travel.  They used the best bait in the world, SEX.  As a Florida sex crime lawyer. I have handled many of these so called Internet Sex Stings and time after time, when the real truth comes out, it is the police that are doing the luring and seducing.  These cases can be won if you have the right facts and a good experienced criminal defense attorney.  Not all criminal lawyers are experienced in sex sting cases or are savvy as to the tactics the police are using in entrapping innocent people.  As a former prosecutor and thirty year veteran criminal trial lawyer I know the truth about what the police are really doing.  It may make good press for the police but in ruins innocent lives.

If a loved one has been arrested in this child sex sting, give me a call and I will fill you in on the real truth about law enforcement entrapment techniques.

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