Can You Get Off the Sex Offender Registration List?


2945345_1 PDACan You Get Off the Sex Offender Registration List?



Under some very specific conditions, you may be able to be removed from the Sex Offender registration list.  One of the ways is under Florida Statute 943.04354.  This Statute is called the Romeo and Juliette law.  It is designed to address the situations where  the “victim” is between 14 and no more than17 and the defendant is no more than four years older.  For example, if the victim was 15 years of age and the defendant was 19, the Court may enter an order directing that the defendant not become a registered sex offender.  This law is intended to rectify the situation where kids in high school engage in sex and it is a technical violation of the law. 

As a sex crime lawyer I often encounter a situation where teenagers have engaged in sexual relations and the girl is under age.  Angry parents are generally the catalyst in bringing these cases to Court.  In defending sex crimes involving teenagers, I have also been successful in convincing the Court to sentence under the Youthful offender Act and in some instances even withhold adjudication.  In the best case scenario, it is possible to keep the accused from becoming a felon and becoming a registered sex offender.  The motion has to be made 21 days before sentencing.  Having a criminal defense attorney that knows all of the options is critical.

I also get calls from men who many years ago became registered sex offenders as a result of a plea in another State where they were afraid to go to trial.  It may not be too late to get off the sex offender registration list if you meet certain criteria.  If you are on the list and there is a legal way to get off the list, you really need to do it.

In Florida, law enforcement looks for ways to charge registered sex offenders for minor technical violations like not reporting a change in address, not registering a screen name or not registering with the Department of motor vehicles.  As a sex offense attorney I run into this all the time.  If you can get off the list, do it now.

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