Georgia Supreme Court hears Argument on Internet Sex Sting Case 2014



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Georgia Supreme Court hears Argument on Internet Sex Sting Case

After the lower Court reversed a conviction in a Caloosa County sex sting case, the County prosecutor appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court.  At stake are a number of Georgia Internet sex sting cases dealing with entrapment.  The Georgia case dealt with undercover officers posing as parents offering sex with their children.  This is a very common tactic in cases here in Florida, particularly Manatee County.  The decision although not binding on the Courts here in Florida, may be persuasive argument in the many pending cases.

There are many prosecutions here in Florida where the police and the FDLE agents who are members of ICAC task forces pose are parents promoting sex with their children.  They generally post in adult social media sites like Craigslist with suggestive posts in adult only sections.  The then move the texts and emails to discussions about sex with children.  Usually they mention a fourteen old daughter or in some cases a fourteen year old sister suggesting that the child needs to learn about sex.  These are totally bogus ads and entrapment at the highest level.  Some of the courts and some of the juries are now catching on to this police entrapment technique.  The officers will pretend to be concerned and cautious using phrases like “you are not a cop are you”.  This phrase is designed to put the person on the other end at ease.  As a sex sting lawyer I have reviewed thousands of texts and emails and there is a pattern to the police entrapment cases.  The police generally post in adult only sites like Craigslist or  They will imply or suggest that there is a young girl who in “inexperienced” and needs to learn about sex.  The girl will generally be 13 or 14 years old.  They will use phrases like “Spring Break” or “parents are away for the weekend”.  They will use smiley faces and the typical “lol’ in their texts.  They will tell the person responding that “you are hot”.  All of this is part of a bait and switch to lure an adult seeking sex with an adult into chat or texting with a minor. 

The police will send photos of a minor, usually a photograph of another officer when they were in their teens.  Sending photographs is against the rules and procedures but they do in anyway.

If you or a loved one have fallen victim to this police entrapment do not give up.  Many of the people arrested are simply lonely men who were texting out a fantasy on the Internet.  These cases can be successfully defended if the facts support entrapment.

As a sex crime lawyer I follow and track the cases being decided in Florida and there is a trend towards the public becoming more and more aware of what the police are really doing.

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