The Cops are the Real Internet Sex Predators

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The Cops are the Real Internet Sex Predators Operation Cyber Justice October1, 2014
The police are now really pushing the envelope when it comes to entrapment in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota County. It has gone way beyond the police simply putting up seductive profiles on Craigslist Casual Encounters and waiting for a reply. In a recent case I handled in Pinellas I learned that the police are using sites like and to let computers do the matching. If you are on with your profile, simply looking for another adult, chances are you may be matched with an undercover cop by simply putting up an innocent profile. The police are now letting the dating sites do the matching before they do their bait and switch.
The police are constantly running Internet sex stings on the west coast of Florida in towns like Bradenton, Sarasota and Clearwater. It is an easy way to generate arrest statistics and publicity. This is particularly true in the Summer season when arrests are down and they need to bump up their statistics. The best way to meet women is the old fashioned way where you walk up and introduce yourself. The Internet is a dangerous place. You do not even have to be on a computer. If you have an Iphone, you are in danger of being matched with and undercover cop. Once you respond you can expect to hear or see something like, “Sorry, I am really only 14 and was just curious about this site”. The police may even invite you to travel to meet them and make it sound really tempting. Even if you do not travel they may charge you for simply chatting or texting. The police may put up ads on pretending to be prostitutes. If you respond they will then try and bait you saying “I am really only 15”. The cops may pretend to be a “pimp” and try and tempt you with things like she is really good.
The best way to not get charged with a sex crime in Bradenton or Sarasota is to not commit the crime. They are even more intense in operations in Volusia and Brevard counties snaring innocent victims trying to get a date on adult dating sites. No matter how tempting the ad or conversation may be, hang up, disconnect and flag the ad with the provider. If someone is on the Internet and claims to be a minor, report them to the police. Do not even think about having sex with someone underage, much less fantasize about it in texts or chats on the Internet. The “Thought Police” are watching.
If someone suggests sending pictures of a minor, do not do it. If someone who purports to be underage, asks you for a “pic”, do not send it. AS A SEX CRIMES ATTORNEY, I have now been involved in about twenty of the recent Internet Sex Stings and can tell you from experience, the police are becoming more creative and aggressive in their entrapment techniques. If you see words like “taboo”, go no further. Do not even go on sites like or
If you are contacted be absolutely sure about the age of the person on the other end. The number one lie on the Internet is about age. The number two lie on the Internet is about gender. Always thoroughly check out the identity of the person on the other end before any date. If the person is even remotely underage or even close, go no further. Call me, Peter D. Aiken in my office at 941 366 3506.