Military Involved In 2014 Sex Sting Investigations

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Military Involved In 2014 Sex Sting Investigations
In a decision decided last Friday, September 19, 2014, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the “Posse Commitatus” law prohibits military investigators from widespread and pervasive intrusion into State Criminal investigations. As a Sex Crimes Attorney, that is the exact issue I raised in a recent case now pending in Pinellas County. I found out that Air Force OSI investigator William Glidewell has been used as the “chatter” in four Florida sex sting operations involving cases in Lake, Osceola and Pinellas Counties. His actions are illegal and a violation of Federal law. The case in Pinellas could impact a number of other prosecutions in both the State and Federal Courts. If Glidewell was the chatter in your case, contact your attorney and let him know about the case I now have pending in Pinellas.
The Federal law, 18 U.S. C 1385 was passed after the civil war to prevent Union soldiers from enforcing State laws. It makes it a Federal felony for the military to enforce purely State laws. Glidewell is actually in the operational plan which on its face documents the military involvement. This could be an important decision. A 2014 hearing is now set for late October in Circuit Court in Pinellas. Another issue is whether or not the law enforcement officials that used him have violated the Federal law. Each Sheriff who approved the use of the military could be found to be in violation of the law. Fat chance they will be prosecuted because that decision is left up to the U. S. Attorney who will never in million years prosecute a Sheriff or Chief of Police. The law is good law and still in force and should be upheld.
Take a look at the recent Ninth Circuit decision. It can impact a number of cases around the country. As a Florida sex sting lawyer I have raised a unique issue that could impact a number of cases. If your jnternet sex sting case involves OSI investigator Glidewell, have your lawyer call me Peter D. Aiken at my office and I will send him the sex sting defense information I have gathered so far. It seems all of law enforcement wants to jump on the sex sting band wagon but the Air Force has made a huge mistake and Glidewell could be prosecuted if a prosecutor had the courage to do it.
I will keep everyone advised as to how this plays out in October.

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