Grady Judd announces another Internet Sex Sting in Polk County

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March 17 2020

This happens every few months and it is amazing that guys are still falling for the bait and switch.  The undercover cops are now targeting dating sites that match profiles by GPS when two people are in the same area.  I have handled 42 of the Internet sex sting cases and with each sting the cops “tweak’ it a little to entrap otherwise law-abiding citizens into chatting and traveling to meet minors.  They make it sound like they are targeting predators but 90% of the time, nothing could be further from the truth.  They post adult profiles on adult sites.  They target young men who are weak and easily misled by enticing comments.  There is a difference between being a predator and being weak, naïve and easily led into temptation.

There are defenses to these types of cases and often, it is the police that are doing the luring, seducing and enticing.  Many times it is a 40-year-old manipulative detective taking advantage of some young guy in his twenties, tricking him and entrapping him.  I have represented several young autistic men who fall for the bait and switch tactic in these online sex stings.

If you are ever on a dating site and anyone even remotely hints they are a minor….terminate all contact and report them.  It is always an undercover cop.  There are no real underage girls on the Internet that want some old dude to teach them anything.  If they say they are a virgin, terminate all contact.  There are no more virgins and have not been for many years, lol.  Never communicate with anyone 13, 14 or 15 years old.  They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.  Never send a dick pic to anyone, much less a minor.  The police are now targeting “Grinder” looking for gay men they can tempt into chatting with what is supposed to be a minor.  Never have sex with a minor…. Don’t even think about it, much less text or chat about it.  The latest trick is for the cops to post as an escort or prostitute, an adult, and then run the bait and switch when some unlucky guy responds. 

Never travel for a casual sex hookup with anyone unless they can show you ID that they are a legitimate adult.  Demand proof of age…..A mistake can cost you ten years in prison and make you a registered sex offender for years.  If you or a relative have fallen into this trap and want to talk you can have a confidential free consultation.  It pays to know your rights.

If you know someone who was arrested in this 2020 Polk County sex sting and want to know what options you have to help them I would be glad to talk to you. Call 941-366-3506 and ask for attorney Peter D. Aiken where all conversations are confidential.

Will there be a Valentine’s Sex sting?

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Will there be a Valentine’s Sex sting?

February 13 2020

To the extent that the police undercover chatters target lonely, introverted men on Social Media, chances are that they will do it again on February 14thAs a sex sting lawyer, I remember the sex sting they ran in Manatee County where they posted on Craigslist an “escort” advertisement that said “Let April take you to the highest pleasures on Valentine’s day” and then when the customer responded, switched the age to that of a minor.  In that case the police were actually soliciting for prostitution (which is a crime).

The police now no longer are using Craigslist Casual Encounter and have instead switched to the Social Media dating applications that match profiles and use geo-location to match consenting adults.  Some of the applications match people who have profiles posted when they come within a certain distance of each other.  Even though the applications are for adults, the police pose as adults initially, and when the random geo-location matches them with someone, they switch the age.  The police have now become the sex predators.  Typically, they target not men looking for children but instead, lonely young guys seeking someone to talk to.

The lonelier and more desperate the young man, the greater the likelihood he will fall for the police bait and switch entrapment technique.  Lately, in several cases I have seen law enforcement post profiles of adult prostitutes on escort sites and then when they get a response, they do their classic bait and switch.

The best way to not get arrested is to not fall for this type of entrapment technique.  Never be tempted to meet with a minor or underage person.  Never, no never, travel to meet a minor under any circumstances.  If in a chat you ever see “I am not very experienced” or “I am a virgin and want to learn new things” terminate all contact and report the person and the post.  There are no young girls out there that want to hook up with some old dude.  It is always the police.  Some people mistakenly believe that if they say “are you a cop” that the chatter has to tell the truth.  That is a total fiction.  They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.

I have handled over forty of these types of cases and in almost every one, it is law enforcement that is doing the luring and seducing.  The police create a crime and then solve it with an arrest and destroy lives.  For them, it is all about numbers, not protecting real children.

If you or someone you know has been arrested in an internet sex sting and are seeking experienced sex sting defense representation or just have questions… All verbal conversations and written correspondence are strictly confidential.

No sex crime case is identical and all cases and facts within cases are unique. Some lawyers promise things that may not be possible to get your case. I will be happy to review the facts of your case and give you an honest evaluation and suggest options based on my experience in these types of cases.

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Super Bowl Sex Sting ?

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January 2020

Super bowl Sunday 2020 is coming up this week and that means, nationwide, there will probably be multiple sex stings targeting escort services and people responding to escort sites.  If this year is like the past years, law enforcement will try and lure buzzed partying fans with enticing escort promises.  The Super bowl is in Florida this year and you can count on Grady Judd in Polk County to have his undercover detectives working the escort sites.  In Florida there has already been an announcement that they will be targeting “human trafficking” which law enforcement equates to escort and sex sites.

The really sad thing is that in some of the stings, the undercover chatters will try and convert what is normally a misdemeanor (solicitation of prostitution) into a felony by telling the guy that the escort is under age (a minor).  Just “chatting” on some of the sites can get you arrested for “Internet solicitation”.  You don’t have to “travel” to get arrested.  You can get arrested for just “fantasy chat” and “role play”.

The Internet is a dangerous place, and as a sex crime lawyer, I have found that in the 40 plus cases I have handled, many times the guy was under the influence of alcohol.  Drinking and chatting on a dating or escort site can result in a person being arrested for just saying some stupid stuff.  Remember this!  If at any time the person you are chatting with even remotely hints that they are a minor or a child, immediately terminate all communication.  The police undercover chatters will try and tempt you and get you engaged in explicit sex talk and then try and talk you into traveling to a takedown site just like you see on the former TV show “To Catch a Predator”.  The truth is that in these times, the police are the predators.

In Florida law enforcement has also made a full court press on child pornography cases. Here in Sarasota and Manatee County, the State attorney’s office has gone all out in seeking life sentences on men for simply looking at a video.  Here in Sarasota, the State always files 40 counts of second degree felonies running the sentencing guidelines to life in prison.  Never, no never, even out of curiosity download a picture or video of a child engaged in sex.  If you are on the Internet, you have to know what you are downloading.  Never uses any type of peer to peer file sharing application.  If you do, law enforcement can come into your computer without your knowledge and extract stuff.  When you are not home, shut your computer down.  Never let anybody use your computer, including relatives and friends. To be safe, if you have WiFi, make sure it is password protected and don’t give anyone your password.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so don’t be tempted to do anything remotely illegal with a minor.  Have a safe and happy Super Bowl.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in a super bowl LIV sex sting don’t abandon them. Call today for a free no obligation confidential consultation to see what options are available to you with the facts of your particular charge(s) and arrest.


Are the Police the true Predators?

As a Florida sex crime lawyer, I have a unique perspective on the Internet Sex Sting arrests.  Having handled 42 such cases, and an interesting pattern jumps out at me.  Although the police claim they are making the County safe for children and claim they are arresting predators, nothing could be further from the truth.  Out of the 42 men I have represented, only two were men even remotely interested in Children.  Three were Autistic.  Many more were shy, introverted, socially inept and some, what I would describe to be as “slow”.  Many did not meet the legal definition of “insantity” . Most were what I would describe as the low hanging fruit.  Most were manipulated by savvy undercover police chatters who did the classic bait and switch and after posting as adults then claiming to be a 14 year old girl.

Technology is a dangerous thing.  Many of the dating applications have a GPS (global positioning application) which randomly matches profiles based on geographic proximity.  In other words, if a guy has posted looking for an adult 18-23 and the cops post (falsely) as a 21 year old woman, the application will match them up.  The man, clearly is not looking for a child, but the cops, by posting first as an adult, get a random match with the man looking for an adult.  The undercover chatters then do the “switch” claiming to be underage.

When the man balks or is hesitant, the undercover chatters will say things like” I’m sorry, I lied, but I really like older guys” or “I am looking for someone to teach me”.  Some clever chatters even claim to have had experience with other older guys.  This is entrapment and the cops are doing more than offering “opportunity”

Sex sting cases are defensible if you have a sex crime attorney experienced in defending these particular types of cases.  The police now are posting on “escort” sites where men are clearly looking for an adult. This is particularly true in Polk County and other central Florida Counties.  After pretending to be a prostitute, the undercover chatters again claim to be underage.  The police are not catching the true predators.  The police are the true predators.

These types of cases are destroying the lives of men who had no intention of hooking up with an underage person.  Sadly, many prosecutors are going along with this type of misguided law enforcement.  It makes for easy statistics and easy convictions and gives the false impression that children are being protected.

I try and warn the parents of young Autistic men.  Do not let you child fall victim to this type of police predation.  If you have a brother, a nephew or someone dear to you, be sure they know the dangers of the Internet.  The police are targeting the dating hookup applications that use GPS.  I try and warn people that if ever someone mentions they are underage, immediately terminate and block the other party.  The best way to not get arrested it to not commit a crime.  There are no young girls that want any older guy to teach them anything.  It is always the police. Do not be weak.  Do not succumb to temptation.  Demand proof of real age in any Internet dating situation.  Never have sex with anyone underage.

They don’t call it jail bait for nothing

If you have been arrested it is not too late to challenge the police conduct.  Attorneys are not cheap and the public defender may sound like a bargain, but do you want a bargain lawyer?  The decision you make in hiring a lawyer should not be based on advertising alone.  Check out the lawyer and the representations or claims he may make.  Ask him or her how many actual sting cases have been handled.  Look at the results.  Each case has unique facts and each defendant is unique.  Make an informed decision in hiring the person you want standing next to you in court.

Is there another Internet Sex Sting running in Sarasota?

Every indication is that men are being arrested over the last few days here in Sarasota.  The best way to not get arrested is to never, no never, chat or text with anyone underageThe best way to not get charged with a crime is to not fall for the bait and switch Internet sex stings run regularly here in Sarasota and Manatee County.

It is late Summer, and the police and Sheriff’s department need the arrest statistics.  It takes money to run a real sex sting and they need to make arrests and seize vehicles.  Men out of loneliness and curiosity find themselves texting and chatting with undercover officers and some even travel to meet a minor at take down houses.  Here is the bottom line.  There are no real 14 or 15 year old girls that want to hook up with some older guy.

The undercover chatters troll the dating sites like “” and these sting cases all start with a lieThe police lie to the application and post a profile claiming they are 18 or older. The police start by violating the terms of use and lie about their age claiming to be an adult.  Once someone responds they say something like “I have to be honest with you, I am really 14”.  The problem is, they are not being honest.  Everything is a lie.  They lie about being 18.  They lie about being 14.  They lie about their intentions and they suck guys into chatting and get them to talk about sexIt is all one big con, the purpose of which is to get some guy who was looking for an adult, interested in a 14 year old.  The undercover chatters are master of deception and masters at entrapping lonely introverted guys.  Never, no never chat or text with anyone that cannot positively prove they are an adult.  There are no young girls on the Internet that want some older guy to teach them anything.  It is all a hustle by the police to talk someone into doing something they would never otherwise do.

There is a myth that if you ask a police undercover detective “Are you a cop”, that they have to tell the truth.  Of course they don’t.  That is why they call them undercover cops.  Do not fall for a bait and switch I have handled over 40 Internet sex stings and in 90% of the cases, the person arrested had zero interest in a child and was basically talked into it by very savvy undercover chatters.  My suggestion is never talk to anyone under age and demand that the adult prove they are an adult.  In my opinion a better use of police resources would be in educating parents and in reaching out to the kids in school warning them of the real predators.  Crime prevention, not crime creation is the answer.  The police are supposed to be here to “protect and serve”, not to lie and create crimes to “solve”

If you ever hear “I am too young to drive” or “I can’t drink alcohol” terminate all conversation.  The police here in Sarasota are now arresting people who only chat and later do not even travel to meet a minor Just chatting and texting can get you arrested.  Never chat or text with anyone even remotely underage.  Some people reading this may be reading it too late.  If you have a relative arrested in this latest Sarasota Internet Sex Sting, do not abandon them You do not know the facts yet.  They can be falsely accused.

The Sarasota Sheriff’s Department regularly runs these stings and then conceals the arrests by having the Sheriff not post them daily.  They get a special order to exempt making this a public record.  When you read the actual arrest reports,  later in the criminal cases, the real truth comes out.  Many young men, some with mental defects fall for this.  I have represented Autistic young men who simply do not know better.  I have represented mentally challenge men with disabilities that have affected their judgment. A conviction will make a person a sex offender and put them in State prison.  These cases often have very valid defenses.  The police may have engaged in “Entrapment” or other improper conduct.  The person arrested may have a mental or psychological defense.  They may have been impaired by some type of disorder.  Many times, the punishment sought by the prosecutors greatly exceeds the harm.  There is no real victim in this type of case.  Many times, the greatest harm is a person gets arrested for something they would never otherwise have done but for the police conductI try to educate the public on the real truth about sex stings, but sadly, many men learn it too late.

Sex Addiction and the Internet….A deadly combination

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“Operation Cyber Guardian Fall Haul” from Oct. 2 through Oct. 7 2018

They just ran another Internet sex sting in Polk County. Grady Judd was on television again telling the voters how he is keeping the children of Polk County safe from sexual predators. No matter how many times they run the sex stings, no matter how many times it makes the evening news, people still are getting arrested. The Internet is a dangerous place. You can get addicted to chatting, hooking up for casual sex or simply engaging in “fantasy chat”.
Are you old enough to remember the ads on television for the phone sex operators? The operators would keep guys on the line for hours billing them by the minute. Talking dirty was a turn on. The guys would be jerking off while they talked. The Internet has changed all that. Now people “chat” with each other in chat rooms or use Instagram or Skype to engage in fantasy sex. They think it is harmless because it is anonymous. What they do not realize is that undercover detectives are out there trying to temp people into actually living out that fantasy. The undercover chatters are good at what they do. They will compliment the guy. They will pretend they are interested in being taught about sex.

Even if the guy is looking for an adult hookup, the cops will try and temp him into doing something he would never do, that is, have sex with a minor.

There is a difference between being a predator looking for kids and being a weak easily manipulated lonely guy. I have handled over forty sex sting cases. In the majority of them, the defendant fits a profile. They are mostly single, mostly insecure and in some instances mentally or emotionally challenged. That is why they fall for the bait and switch undercover chatters.

Do you have a brother, a father, or close friend or relative who has been  arrested for traveling to meet a minor?I am willing to bet he fits the profile. People get addicted to the Internet. It is called Internet addiction. People also can become sex addicts. I have handled a lot of child pornography cases where guys sit at a computer for hours staring at kiddie porn. It is hard for us to understand, but this is an addiction. Sadly the State does not realize this is an addiction. The State want to put them in prison forever and make them registered sex offenders. There are defenses to these types of cases. In some cases it is damage control. Do not abandon a friend or relative or assume they are hopelessly guilty


Sex Sting in Jacksonville nets 17 Arrests

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September 5 2018

Operation D.U.V.A.L, an Internet sex sting run by the Duval County Sheriff’s office, this week resulted in the arrest of seventeen men for purportedly targeting children on the Internet.

The details of the arrest are not yet posted, and all we have so far is the law enforcement “spin” on what really happened. Were the men really seeking children or were law enforcement detectives working in an undercover capacity seeking men with bait and switch ads on social media sites? Often, there is an incentive for the police agencies to produce results if they have taken federal money or grants from ICAC. It will be interesting to see which social media sites were used now that Craigslist casual encounters and have been taken down.
In St. Johns County, in the last sting, police were posting on adult escort sites and then running the “bait and switch” claiming or pretending to then be minors. The Internet is a dangerous place for children but it is also a dangerous place for lonely men. Over the years, I have represented a number of intellectually challenged men with autism who fall for the police entrapment techniques. What I have learned is that you cannot believe the press reports put out by the various Sheriff’s departments. When you actually look into the facts and the evidence of what really happened, many times it is the police doing the luring, seducing and enticing. The police will first pretend to be an adult woman, posting on an adult site. When they get a response, in the first three or four chats, they will say “I am really 14”. Many men continue with the chat out of curiosity.The undercover detectives will pretend to be a 13 or 14 year old trying to lure the men into traveling and meeting.

Curiosity killed the cat!

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. If you stumble into this type of situation, never, no never travel to meet a minor. If someone on a social media site even hints they are underage, terminate all texting and chat. The police will arrest you for even chatting or texting with a minor, even if you do not travel. The world is full of adult women anxious to have sex (just like men). Don’t even think about hooking up with a kid. There are no teen age girls out there that want someone to “teach them about sex”. It is always a cop, always! They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.


Internet Stings and the Intellectually Disabled

Peter D Aiken
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August 18 2018


Not a month goes by in Florida than some Sheriff or local police department runs one of their Internet sex stings. In almost every sting intellectually disabled men get arrested. Many of them have a disability within the Autistic spectrum. What the police and prosecutors do not understand is that a person with Autism often does not appear to be disabled. They often can navigate the Internet, drive and hold jobs. What they lack are the social skills and most often judgment. They are easily manipulated by savvy detectives trying to make arrests and cases.
The police will post on various social media and dating sites pretending to be an adult, often with suggestive posts like get me pregnant. They will engage the lonely and socially awkward man with suggestive chat and after getting him interested then tell him that they are 14 or 15 years old. The police as part of their bait and switch entrapment techniques will often send a picture of a smiling suggestively posed female. They provide the autistic man with visual and verbal cues and often lure them into traveling to a take down location. After arresting them, they intimidate them into making statements totally taken out of context. To the police, the disabled man is an easy target. The truly sad thing is that many prosecutors do not understand Autism. They confuse the issue of Autism and legal competence and end up prosecuting the Autistic defendant and making them ultimately become registered sex offenders.
Many criminal defense attorneys sadly do not understand this disability and are clueless as to how to defend an autistic or mentally challenged defendant. It is the defense attorneys job to often educate the Judge and the prosecutor. In many jurisdictions like Sarasota and Manatee County, many of the judges come straight out of the prosecutors office, and having never represented a real human being, are unaware and uneducated when it comes to men with this disability. The intellectually disabled are the low hanging fruit and easily lured into compromising situations by police with ICAC grants seeking to justify funds received.
If you have an Autistic child or relative that has become a victim in one of these stings, make sure you hire a criminal defense lawyer experienced in defending the intellectually disabled. Their life is tough enough without being given the label of registered sex offender. I have handled over forty sex sting cases and in my experience I have found that about 20% involve men that have intellectual disabilities or judgment issues that have not been previously diagnosed. Many were special education students in grade and high school and although not legally incompetent are socially incompetent and easily entrapped.





Peter D Aiken
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Has a loved one or relative been arrested in an Internet sex sting operation? Do you want a lawyer with knowledge and experience in defending cases from sex sting operations? Many criminal defense lawyers claim extensive experience in sex crime defense. Few actually have it.
Peter Aiken, the sex sting lawyer, has defended over thirty Internet sex sting cases throughout Florida has a hands on working knowledge of what law enforcement is actually doing.

If a relative or loved on was arrested for a sex related crime do not assume they are guilty.

The truth about Sex Stings:

Most of the sex stings target young gullible men in adult dating sites. Law enforcement trolls adult dating sites posing as another adult. After tricking men into chatting, with bait and switch tactics, they change the age and lure and seduce men who had no intention of interacting with a child into continuing to chat, text and sometimes meet. Entrapment is a Defense

Ask yourself these questions:

Were you in an adult site looking for an adult?

Did you respond to an adult profile?

Did they contact you on a dating site?

Did they initially lie about age?

Did they bring up sex or talk suggestively?

Did they invite you over or suggest a meeting?

Did they prey on your loneliness?

Being weak, lonely, inexperienced or gullible is not a crime.

The truth is that many of the sex sting operations are politically motivated by local Sheriffs that want publicity when it comes to reelection. Sex stings also generate money in terms of car forfeitures, fines and costs. Public humiliation and lifetime registration as a sex offender is the result. Do not give up without a fight, and have a real fighter in your corner.

Speak with the lawyer that will handle your case



Is the gay sex sting still running in Sarasota

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May 26 2018

Is the gay sex sting still running in Sarasota


For the past week the sheriff here in Sarasota has been running an Internet Sex Sting targeting gay men. There have been 18 arrests that have mostly been not reported on the official records. When the stings are running and people are being arrested, the sheriff and the clerk of Court do not allow the information to get out. This makes it really tough for the guys that get arrested to contact relatives or bondsmen. You have a right to an attorney, but if you are sitting in the Sarasota jail, they dont make contacting an attorney very easy. That is why initially, most of the men have the public defender appointed. As the men are bonded out, those that can afford it seek private defense attorneys.

So far, only one out of eighteen men has been able to hire their own personal attorney.

The right to an attorney is an important constitutional right. For that right to mean anything at all, it is important for the attorney to know what he is doing and important the he be able to effectively represent his client. In that regard, experience is a big deal. Not all lawyers handle a lot of sex crime cases. Not all lawyers really understand how these sex stings are run by the police. I have done over 40 of the sex sting cases all over FloridaIt is critical for the lawyer to understand the law when it comes to entrapment. It is critical for the attorney to understand the State Attorneys policy when it comes to sex stings. It is critical for the attorney to understand the Internet, the computer programs and the methods the police use to lure unsuspecting men into compromising situations.

There are defenses to these types of cases

Sadly, many of the men arrested sometimes are mentally challenged. Sometimes it may rise to the level of legal incompetence (if they have autism) and sometimes it is a mitigating factor, depending on the degree of the intellectual disability. The lawyer absolutely has to understand the law and the procedure when it comes to raising legal issues with respect to incompetency.

It is critical that family and friends not abandon those charged in internet sex stings. You cannot believe what you see and hear on television when the press release is finally made. The Sheriff will always say that we are keeping the children of Sarasota safe. What they do not report is the fact that most of the time, they are creating a crime, not detecting or preventing one. There were 16 men arrested in Lee County (Ft. Myers) and once again, it was a gay sting. This has to be a bad week for the gay community with 34 men being arrested