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ABC channel seven news had a segment on the morning news on August 5th 2016 about the latest sex sting called Operation Green Shepherd run in Manatee County.
Once again, the report was filled with misinformation and outright falsehoods. This is not the stations fault but rather the way the information is provided by the sheriff’s office. These sex sting operations do not target men looking to seduce unsuspecting children. In fact, it is just the opposite. Police are actually contacting men with no prior history of interest in children. They will randomly contact men who have posted profiles on and engage them in chat. The undercover chatters will cleverly hint at getting together for a date. After engaging them they will mention that they are really underage and try and set up a sexual encounter. They will suggest bringing condoms. They will claim they want someone to teach them about sex. The problem is that this type of entrapment is not working on real predators. It is ensnaring young men, men with development disorders and autism. What this does to the families of these young men is horrible.
If the police were truly interested in preventing crime, instead of creating crime, the resources would be better spent by officers lecturing in middle school. They should have officers at PTA meetings alerting parents to the dangers and encouraging parental controls. The truth is that very few children are seduced on the Internet. This is the same “stranger danger” myth that is spread about sex predators targeting kids on playgrounds and street corners. The truth is that almost all of sexual abuse of minors is by family members and family friends.
With each sex sting operation, the police become bolder and more creative in how they entrap unsuspecting men into compromising situations. Even when men break off contact, the undercover chatters reinitiate and try to convince them to come to a location, only to get arrested. Sadly, some young men with disabilities simply do not understand the consequences of responding. Some are so lonely that they jump at any opportunity to chat with a female and they truly do not understand that they are being drawn into a crime. These men with disabilities have a tough enough life ahead without the created label of being a sex offender.

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Manatee Sheriff finally announces Internet Sex Sting

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The latest version of Operation Green Shepherd, running for a week in the Bradenton area, has finally been made public.

There were eighteen arrests with several more to come according to the press release. Once again, the press release totally distorts the true facts about what the police are doing. The police are by now scraping the bottom of the barrel and arresting mentally challenged young men who because of learning disabilities, autism or other disorders fall for the bait and switch tactic. These men were not looking for underage girls to seduce. In almost every instance, they responded to adult profiles posted on or Craigslist Casual Encounters. The police engaged them in chat with texts, emails and ultimately phone calls. The undercover chatters, after first pretending to be an adult, then claimed to be 13 or 14 years old girls who would say things like, “boys my age just don’t do it for me”. They claimed to be seeking someone to give them sexual “experience” and lured and seduced the men. This is just the opposite of what the law was designed to do.
The real sex predators know better than to fall for this type of entrapment. What the Sheriff is now getting are the young, introverted and sometimes mentally challenged men whose chronological age far exceeds their mental age. Hopefully the State Attorney’s office will do the right thing and weed out the cases involving the mentally challenged.
It breaks my heart when I interview these young men and see the havoc these types of arrests bring to caring family members.
Even worse is thinking of how these young men would make it in State prison.
The mentally challenged men, or men with disabilities, face the horrors of becoming victims of rape and sodomy in prison.
I have yet to find one instance of an inmate being prosecuted for rape in the Florida prison system.
Most prison rapes are covered up and swept under the rug and never ever prosecuted.
So far, Ed Brodsky’s office has done a pretty good job of exercising discretion and resolving cases involving the very young.

Is this how you want your law enforcement resources spent?

While this Internet Sex Sting was running, there were homicides, burglaries, drug deals and other violent crimes. It generally takes about twenty officers to run a sting and the average cost to the taxpayers is $80,000, not including the money spent in prosecuting the cases. That is twenty officers that were taken off the street and diverted to essentially creating crime, instead of preventing or detecting it. It surely makes for good election propaganda but does nothing to protect the community. When the press release claims that children are being protected, it is a myth. Contact the Sheriff in Manatee and let him know what you think. As a sex sting lawyer, I will continue to fight against these outrageous wastes of our police resources.

As a Florida Sex Sting Lawyer and an experienced Sex Crime Attorney I have talked to and represented many of the arrested in these Internet sex sting cases. If you, a friend, son, brother, relative or loved one was arrested or under investigation in a sex sting operation and have questions or need an attorney to consult with or talk to them in the jail. Please call an experienced sex crime attorney.

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