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In Greenville, North Carolina, in Pitt County, the latest Internet sex sting netted 36 arrests. It targeted Craigslist Casual Encounters and Backpage.com.

The operation ran for a month. In the first phase, the undercover chatters targeted men they could lure into a meeting with a fictitious minor. In phase two the police targeted men looking for prostitutes on the hookup sites. In phase three the police targeted the prostitutes themselves. The police were amazed at the number of responses, particularly in the prostitution phases.
You have to be nuts to go on Craigslist and even remotely try and hook up with a minor or hooker. These days, I would be willing to bet that most of the people chatting on Craigslist are police undercover detectives. The typical bait and switch goes like this: The police post in the adult section, generally for an encounter as say “W/4/M. This is a lie. They first falsely hold themselves out as an adult woman. When the chat starts they will respond with something like “I hope you are not mad, I am only 14”. If you ever hear of see this…terminate all contact. Do not even consider responding to any chat if the person on the other end is underage. Do not respond even out of curiosity. There are no real young girls on Craigslist. I have handled over 36 sting cases. I have reviewed hundreds of chats. There are no real young girls on that site, ever.

The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime. As for Backpage.com, don’t even think about it. You will get rolled, robbed or catch something you will regret. You may hook up only to find out later that you are a blackmail victim. If you want hook up for sex, do it the old fashioned way.

The Internet is a very dangerous place.

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Sgt. Ken Adams of the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office talks about the people who were arrested during an undercover operation to identify potential sex offenders. The top row of men were charged with soliciting a boy or girl who was 14- or 15-years-old

SHERIFF: 36 charged in child sex solicitation investigation

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The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office says “Operation Casual Encounter” targeted sexual predators who use Craigslist.com, Backpage.com and other social media sites to find children for sex crimes. Eight of the 36 people arrested arranged to meet children, …

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Operation “Net Nanny” results in 40 arrests in Washington State

Peter D Aiken Sex Sting Lawyer 941-366-3506
Peter D Aiken
Sex Sting Lawyer


The latest Internet Sex Sting was carried out in Washington State. Most of the arrests were in the Spokane area.

The undercover detectives did this one a little different. The ad was on Craigslist and the catch phrase was “looking for young family fun”. According to the news reports the detectives in twenty days received over 1068 responses. The undercover chatter was posing as a mother offering her six and eleven year old daughters as well as her thirteen year old son. The police were shocked at the response of over 1000 people. The police also said more arrests may be in the pipeline. This sting was an apparent huge success so you can expect more to follow.

For years as a sex crime lawyer I have been blogging warning people about the dangers of the Internet, especially Craigslist Casual Encounters. I have repeated over and over, the best way not to get arrested is to not commit a crime. Many people out of curiosity respond to these ads and get drawn into chats and emails by enticing comments by undercover detectives. Sadly, many of the “sex stings” entrap unsuspecting young men. They are lured and enticed by officers that are “masters of deception”. In the latest sting, out of forty men arrested, only two had priors for sex offenses with minors. As a sex sting lawyer, I have seen many men arrested who have low IQ’s and learning disabilities. Many are introverted and lack self confidence and are easily led astray. Rarely do the police catch the real predators.

In many respects, the sex stings are like shark fishing where the fisherman puts out chum to attract sharks. The chum attracts little fish and for every shark caught, there are 20 small “throw back” fish brought in. The difference is that in fishing the “by catch” is thrown back whereas in the Sex stings they keep them all. These cases do have defenses and an experienced criminal lawyer can make a huge difference in the ultimate outcome.


Video Article on the 13 men arrestsed in Spokane

Child sex sting nets over 1,000 responses, 13 arrests in Spokane Co


Sarasota Sheriff Concealing Arrests in April Internet Sex Sting

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Sarasota Sheriff Concealing Arrests in April Internet Sex Sting

Not even the Media has been advised of the more than twenty Sex Sting arrests that occurred over the weekend here in Sarasota. If you look on the Sheriff’s page, none of the names of the people arrested appear.  The Herald Tribune is not aware of the arrests.  The television stations are not reporting anything.  In another day or so, the Sheriff will be on television announcing the arrests that are being concealed from the Media.  This is all part of a plan to keep the public from knowing about the latest sex sting operation.  The problem is that the Sheriff would be better off making the information public.  In terms crime prevention, it would be far better off to keep the real predators off the Internet.  It is however the end of the month and the latest operation intercept will generate two dozen arrest statistics.  You can expect the Sheriff of Sarasota to announce it any day.  Most of the men will be charged with Internet solicitation of a minor, traveling to meet a minor and attempted lewd and lascivious conduct.  The truth is that most of the men were entrapped and led into doing something that they never intended to do.

The best way to prevent being arrested is to not commit a crime.  Never communicate with anyone on the Internet that says they are underage.  Never have sex with a minor.

As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer and a Sarasota criminal defense lawyer I have been involved in defending over twenty of these cases.  Not all attorneys are familiar with how the sex stings are actually run and the federal ICAC guidelines.  If a loved one has been arrested, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506, or visit my site at  www.sexstinglawyer.com

The truth need to be told about Sarasota Sex Crime arrests

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Sarasota Breaking news from the Sarasota Sheriff April 29, 2014  http://www.sarasotasheriff.org/news/news-releases/item/12-arrested-in-online-predator-sting.html


Sarasota Internet Sex Sting Running today, April 26th, 2014

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Sarasota Internet Sex Sting Running today, April 26th, 2014

Is 2014 the year of the Internet Sex Stings?  Pinellas County sex sting two weeks ago and another one here in Sarasota this week.  Just as I predicted, the Sheriff here in Sarasota followed suit and ran another so called “sex predator” undercover Internet operation once again targeting men on adult social media sites.  It does not matter that they were not seeking to engage in sex with underage minors.  It does not matter that they posted profiles on adult sites looking for consenting adult women.  It does not matter that they were not initiating contact.  When the smoke clears and the true facts come out, in almost every one of the sex sting arrests the police will be shown to be the driving force, bringing up sex and inviting men to travel (to get arrested)

It is like shooting fish in a barrel for the cops.  The FDLE post enticing photos.  The internet task force contact men and make suggestive comments.  Sex is the ultimate bait and my bet is that by the time this current sting is over, twenty or more men will be entrapped into traveling to meet a minor or tricked into sending suggestive sex photos to what the under cover cops claim is a young girl.  They will run the same “home alone” lingo.  The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.

Never email a person if they claim to be a minor it is usually the cyber police.  Even if they start off saying they are an adult and then say something like “sorry, I lied about my age” terminate all contact immediately.  Do not even think about having sex with anyone under 21.  I know that is a few years over the limit but don’t take any chances.  It is sort of like catching a grouper that is barely over the limit.  Don’t take a chance.  Throw it back just to make sure.  Demand that anybody you email with send you proof of age.  Do not accept their word for it.  Demand proof of legal age.  Never travel to any house to meet with anyone.  Always meet only adults only in public places.  The Internet is a dangerous place. Craigslist is full of serious predators.  Some of them are cops trained and trying to talk you into committing crime.  I am not saying don’t get caught.  I am saying don’t even think about sex with anyone remotely underage. Do not do it

The latest stings are targeting gay men.  Be careful about Adam4adam.com, meetme.com and the other sex hookup sites.  As Sarasota criminal defense attorney, I have handled two dozen sex sting cases in Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Seminole, Hillsborough and Pinellas County. The pattern is always the same.  Naïve young men are duped and tricked into doing something they would not normally do by law enforcement trained to get you there.  Do not let curiosity lead you into a terrible arrest.  Do not do anything that will lead to becoming a registered sex offender.  If a relative or close friend get arrested, get good competent legal advice from an attorney who has handled multiple stings.  Not all Sarasota criminal defense attorneys have handled these types of cases.  In hiring a lawyer, do your homework.  It is easy to document the number of actual sex sting cases a lawyer has handled.  If you interview an attorney and need representation in a sex sting case like Operation Intercept do not rely solely on advertising.   Call me at 941 366 3506

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Meetme.com….at the Jail


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Meetme.com….at the Jail

If you are a man and posted your profile on Meetme.com here is Sarasota or Bradenton, you can expect to be contacted by a Sarasota County Sheriff’s undercover deputy.  If you get a wink, a smile or some response, like “you look cute”, do not assume it is an adult.  When they run the next Internet Sex Sting here in Sarasota the police will be replying to profiles trying to lure, entice and seduce unsuspecting men into compromising situations and traveling to meet a minor.  They will lure you in and then mention that they are only 13 or 14.  They will suggest you send a “pic” in the hope it will be sexually explicit.  As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer, I have been tracking the Internet sex stings all over Florida for the last five years.  Sarasota is overdue for another sting.  The police just ran another sting on Valentine’s day in Bradenton and usually Sarasota follows within a month or so.

If you post on Craigslist, you can expect to be contacted.  If you see something like “my parents are gone for the weekend” don’t even think about responding.  If a person even mentions they are underage, do not respond and flag the post.  There are not young girls on these sites.  Young girls don’t need men to teach them about sex.  There are lots of boys their age to do that.

Do not get talked into doing something and do not be tempted out of curiosity to respond.  Your only “hookup” will be with handcuffs.  Another Operation Intercept is long overdue for Sarasota and sure to come.  You don’t want to see yourself on television as part of the Sheriff’s pronouncement that “more sex predators have been arrested in Sarasota.  I have defended these sex crime charges in Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Seminole County.  In the next Sarasota sex sting, you can expect to see the police target gays and military men and others looking for a NSA relationship.  You can also see them post ads implying that a parent or guardian wants someone to teach their son or daughter about sex.  If you see “Single Mom”, do not respond.  If you see “home alone”, do not respond.  Curiosity killed the cat.

Do not become a registered sex offender for life.  Do not end up in State prison or on Sex offender probation wearing an electronic monitor.  Think twice

If you are reading this too late or have a friend or relative arrested in Sarasota in the next Operation Intercept sex sting call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation oryou can visitmywebpage at sarasotadefender.com    or  thesexoffenderdefender.com Se habla espanol, llame 941-366-3506, o mande un correo electronico aolawc@gmail.com

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