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Grady Judd is at it again in 2016 with another sex sting in Polk County. Just when you think it is safe to go back on the Internet, Polk County deputies run their classic bait and switch sex sting. This time they call it “Operation April’s Fools”. Most were arrested for traveling to meet a minor, solicitation of a minor, transmission of information harmful to a minor and use of a communication device to commit a felony. Some of the men arrested had drugs on them including marijuana and pot. Grady’s detectives worked with other law enforcement agencies, including the FDLE. Most of the men arrested were young. They fell for the classic ploy where the police pretended to be a single dad wanting his daughter to learn about sex. The men came from all across Florida from Collier, Lake, Osceola, Orange, St. Johns, Seminole and Volusia County.
As a sex sting lawyer, it never ceases to amaze me how Judd’s deputies time after time trick men into sexual chatting, sexting and traveling. The cops in Polk have it down to a science. They know just what to put in the ad. They know just how to tempt young lonely introverted men into doing something that they would never ever do. Judd’s detectives are masters in convincing otherwise law abiding young men into doing something stupid. Sadly, for the men that fall for the sting, the arrest will cost them their jobs, land them in county jail awaiting trial, and if convicted destroy their lives. Grady always says he is protecting the people of his County. The sad truth is that most of the men arrested in the sting are not from Polk but rather young guys drawn there by the ultimate temptation, sex.
Sex is the ultimate bait for a young man. A lot of the guys were between 19 and 22. In my opinion, the sex stings, although fantastic publicity for an elected official do more harm than good. The police are creating crime, not detecting or preventing it. The crime originates in the mind of the undercover officer and he sells it to an unsuspecting young impressionable man. Most of the young men really were entrapped.
There are defense in some of the cases. Entrapment may be a valid defense depending on what is said in the chats. The police ask them to bring condoms and when they show up with condoms blame them for it. The police ask them to come and have sex and when they accept, claim that it is the defendant that did the solicitation. I have been involved in thirty six sex sting defenses all across Florida. Nine times out of ten, it is the police doing the soliciting. A conviction can result in a State prison sentence, sex offender registration, sex offender probation and a lifetime of misery.


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The Sarasota Bradenton area is way overdue for another Sex Sting
If the pattern holds true, another sex sting should be coming soon to this area. The Bradenton Sheriff’s office and the Sarasota Sheriff’s office usually try and make them coincide with drinking holidays like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day. My bet would be that they lay off the Craigslist Casual Encounter site and go more for the escort sites and the social media sites that use apps to set up casual hookups. Grady Judd has had a lot of success doing prostitution stings over in Polk so it is only a matter of time until they do them here. One of the wrinkles they have been running is to pose as an escort service and then when an adult calls in, try and do a bait and switch and substitute a minor. The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime. Never even think about hooking up with anyone even close to being a minor. Demand proof of age as an adult. Never fall for any temptation or suggestion of an underage hookup.
I would predict the cops will also be targeting gay men using “underage” as real bait. Casual Encounters in now dominated by gay “men for men” posts. If there is even a remote suggestion that the person on the other end is underage, run, don’t walk, away. The other trend is that of child pornography stings. Here in Sarasota they are really targeting child pornography and seeking life sentences on anyone possessing child pornography or worse yet sending it. As a sex sting lawyer and child pornography attorney I am appalled at the sentences being handed down. Just two weeks ago the Second District Court of Appeal held that 63 years in prison was not cruel and unusual punishment in a case involving child pornography videos. I have suspected for years that the police actually run some of the child porn sites. There is some suggestion that the FBI raided a site and then kept it up for some time offering kiddie porn getting the IP addresses of the customers. Never engage in file sharing on ARES. Law enforcement has a secret app that comes into a computer without your knowledge. Never possess child pornography and if offered it, do not bite or accept it. You now get more time for looking at pictures and videos than you do for actually committing some actual crimes.
When people are arrested in sex stings, they are usually held where they cannot communicate with the outside world for a few days. They don’t want them to talk to a lawyer. If you get a call from a relative or friend arrested in a Sex Sting, call A SEX CRIME ATTORNEY