More 2015 Internet Sex Stings in Georgia and Colorado

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All across the Country local law enforcement agencies are jumping on the Internet Sex Sting bandwagon. Online Sex sting cases are an easy way to pump up arrest statistics and provide good press when it comes election time. In Richmond County, Georgia in the last few days another 22 men were arrested in Operation Mayday. Most of these men had no intention of meeting with minors but were instead lured and entrapped by police on adult Internet dating sites. The police post ads in or “casual encounters” posing first as adult women. After someone takes the bait, the undercover chatters will casually change the age stating that they are really 15 or in some instances 14. When it comes time for the public press release they tell a different story. In the latest Chanel 12 News report in Decatur Georgia, law enforcement claims that the “predators” engaged children and targeted them in chat rooms. As a Sex Sting Lawyer, I have now handled 29 of these Internet sex sting cases and never once have I found that to be true. It is a fallacy and makes for good reading but in truth, the police are really doing a basic bait and switch and luring men who have no intent of targeting children.
As an Experienced Sex Crime Attorney handling Internet Sex Stings, I have defended normal businessmen, military officers, college kids and normal working guys who got sucked into these entrapment situations in child sex sting operations. The truth needs to be told about what law enforcement is really doing. In some of the latest stings the police target men who seek adult women offering prostitution services on The police then switch the age and offer a minor usually with some alluring chat and texts. Men are still falling for this tactic all across the country. In Colorado, in the Ft. Collins area men were also arrested this past week. I used to live in Ft. Collins years ago and having done these types of cases for years, I would be willing to bet that none of the men arrested were in looking for underage kids in chat rooms. I encourage everyone to follow these cases to their conclusions. Do not believe what you see and read in the press releases. Many of these cases are defensible and an experience lawyer can really make a difference in the outcome. Not all criminal lawyers are familiar with what the cops are doing and how the cases can be successfully defended. I encourage you to read my blogs and learn about what is really happening. ICAC provides Federal money to local law enforcement. Everyone knows that when you take Federal money, you have to produce cases. That is the truth and that is what is happening. The truth is, the police are the real predators preying on unsuspecting men, the majority of which have never had contact with a child but really were only seeking adult companionship. Let me hear your views on this or you can call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

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Almost daily a City or County somewhere in the US hits National news with a SEX STING. We have seen recent arrests in Brown County, Wisconsin, Florida,Washington, Oregon, Texas, Alabama and Georgia with words” More sex sting arrests to Come”. SEX STING can mean Child Sex Sting, Internet Sex Sting, Cyber Child Sex Sting and others sex stings for money or prostitution. As a Sex Sting Attorney, after a sex sting article breaks I am always available to talk to the accused or family members about the SEX STING and related charges against them. It is some of the most difficult conversation that an accused or family member needing answers has to communicate. With any Sex Crime Charge, I am not here to judge you I am here to help you. No matter how the media reports on Sex Stings there is always an agency involved making big bucks. In recent news the term ICAC or Internet Crimes Against Children is usually mentioned, however many state or multistate agencies can be involved. Recent events have also included Federal indictments which I am all too familiar with and can be very difficult to understand for an attorney handling general law cases. These sex sting cases carry heavy penalties, long Sexual Predator Probation and life altering conditions for an accused and public internet residual even if acquitted. It is very important to have an attorney who specializes and handles these type of sex sting cases. It many cases a family attorney is hired who is very experienced in their practice but has little or no experience with internet sex sting crimes. It is not unusual in these situations to have more than one lawyer on a SEX STING CASE. I have several cases where I am the Sex Sting Lawyer working with a local family lawyer. If you or a loved one has been arrested in a SEX STING and have questions that need answers call me, Peter D. Aiken, for a free consultation at 941-366-3506 or Sean O’Halloran at 239-334-8890.
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Cops in Manatee at it again on Sex sting Craigslist Casual Encounters?

shhhh its a secret!!! – w4m (bradenton)

Am seeking a man at least 35 or older who would like to be fwb with a very young girl. I need a man who wants to try anything and has a very sick/twisted mind. I am ready to please my man but it must be kept a very tight secret between the two of us. Please email me if you want to know what I have to offer. You know who you are if you are a little different than all the other guys. Interested in different things, that’s what I’m for. Email me please.

Is this a cop trolling and trying to set up a sex sting or is it legit?  Either way the best thing is to never go on Craigslist trying to hook up, even with an adult.  Do not even think of hooking up with an underage person, male or female.  The best way to not need a criminal defense attorney is to not commit a crime.  Young girls don’t want to hook up with older men.  Cops trying to entrap people make a living hooking up with stupid men.

As a criminal defense attorney I can tell you… do not even think of having sex with anyone under 18 years of age.  Did you ever hear the term jail bait.  The police, ICAC and the Central Florida Task Force out of Polk County run stings every month.  Hundreds of men have fallen for this bait.  They arrest you.  The take and forfeit your car.  They ruin your life.

There is a simple answer.  Do not have sex with a minor

Do not even think about it.  Never talk about it.  No!  No!  No!

If you are reading this too late….Call for a free consultation.

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