Is there another sex sting running now in Sarasota ?

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May 2018

Is there another sex sting running now in Sarasota?

Sarasota is long overdue for anotherInternet Sex sting. Now that Craigslist Casual Encounters has been taken down and now that has been shut down it will be interesting to see how law enforcement entices men to respond to their ICAC investigations. My bet is that they will be using the smart phone applications like Tinder, snapchat and other dating sites like or Right now, May 21st, if things go as usual, the Sheriffs department will be blocking the release of public information and denying the men their right to an attorney by not allowing them to make outgoing calls to family, friends or even an attorney. I fully expect that there will be a press release today or one day this week. Time will tell.

As a sex crime lawyer, I have defended over forty sex sting cases all over Florida. I am curious to see what tool the undercover chatters will be using to entice men totravel to meet a minor. The usual charge is unlawful use of a computer to solicit a minor or traveling to meet a minor after using a computer to solicit a minor”. For years I have blogged telling both men and women the best way to not get arrested is to never communicate with anyone that ever even hints they are underage. In the stings, typically, the undercover chatters claim to be adults and then when the chat gets going they say something like I am sorry, dont be mad, but I am really 14. They try and sucker the guys into continuing the chat with enticing hints that they are really old for my age or they like older guys. Sadly, over the years I have found that the men who fall for this are insecure and sometimes autistic or mentally challenged.

Do you have a husband brother or father you have not heard from in days? Have you checked to see if they are in jail? Until the sting breaks, they may not be able to call. I will be following this over the next few days to see if the sting is really running and see how many guys get entrapped.


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Craigslist Casual Encounter taken down..Finally

Peter D Aiken
The Sex Offender Defender

March 24 2018

Where did Craigslist personals and casual encounters go?

In response to the latest action in Congress, Craigslist has finally taken down the personals section including Casual Encounters. Had this been done years ago, it would have saved many men from becoming registered sex offender. For a decade, the police undercover chatters have been posting misleading ads in Craigslist personals. The police would post in the women for men section and in the men for men section first pretending to be over 18. When men would respond, the undercover chatters would change the age, then pretending to be young girls 13, 14 and 15. Thousands of men have been arrested and had their lives destroyed by these entrapment schemes. You may know someone who got arrested and faced a similar situation. Had this been done ten years ago, many men would never have been convicted and would never have become registered sex offenders.

The new law makes the providers liable criminally and any of them with any sense will now back off and shut down the personals. This is a death knell for the providers that provide services to the prostitutes. What the legislators really need to do is legalize prostitution. The true way to stop human trafficking is to legalize it and control it. Who would take their chances with a drug infected street hooker, if they could lawfully go to a regulated an approved licensed house of prostitution? As a sex crime lawyer, I have handled approximately four dozen Internet Sex Sting cases and almost everyone one of them began on Craigslist, Backpage or

This is going to take a bite out of the police ICAC chatters prosecution rate. Where do the police now go? The police will now target the telephone applications and other dating applications. Law enforcement has already started running child pornography stings. Is the FBI-ICAC task force putting out links to child porn and then arresting people who respond out of curiosity? We are coming into an entire new era for the police. Their tool is being taken away. Casual Encounters is done! The government can totally shut down child pornography. All they have to do is pass a law requiring Internet servers and providers to block the known videos and images when they are transmitted. Times are changing for everyone.

More Sarasota Stings in progress

Peter D Aiken Sex Sting Lawyer 941-366-3506
Peter D Aiken
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A couple of weeks ago I predicted there would be another Internet sex sting here in Sarasota.

The police have wised up and now when they run a sex sting they delay making it public and conceal the arrests. If the police were truly interested in preventing crime instead of creating it, they would have a loud and vocal presence on the Internet. They would advertise the fact that they are trolling and and Craigslist casual encounters.

The best way to prevent crime is through education.

They need to let the moms and dads know what their daughters are up to. Parents should be the gatekeepers. The computer with access to the Internet should be in the living room, not in the kid’s bedroom. There should be parental controls. Craigslist has about thirty parental controls they suggest you install. What needs to happen is a media campaign by the Sheriff’ office warning pedophiles to stay off the Internet.

What is really happening is the entrapment of lots of young immature men.

These sex sting cases do more harm than good. It pumps up the arrest statistics and it makes good press but does nothing to truly protect kids. The press releases are totally misinformation.
If the Sarasota Sheriff spent a fraction of what they spend on a sex sting in educating middle school kids, the potential for a real interaction between a child and a predator would be greatly reduced.

These sex stings are totally ineffective.

It makes money for the bondsmen and it gets votes for the Sheriff and the State Attorney but it does absolutely nothing when it comes to preventing sex crimes in Sarasota. My heart goes out to the families of the men arrested in this latest Sarasota sex sting.

The men will lose their jobs.

Most will have high bonds set.

They will be facing the possibility of State prison as well as sex offender registration.

Personally, as a sex crime lawyer, a former prosecutor myself, and as a veteran criminal defense attorney, I thing that true prevention is the answer. We should have learned something from the war on drugs. The police still don’t get it.

Education, not Entrapment is the solution.

I have been involved is over three dozen sex sting defenses. Some of these cases can be beaten. They can be won in front of a jury. The public is finally getting wise to what the police are really doing.

Arrests showing up in Pinellas Sex Sting

Peter D Aiken
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Peter D Aiken Criminal Sex Crimes Lawyer on … – YouTube
Mar 22, 2015 – Uploaded by Peter Aiken

Florida 2015 Internet Sex Sting views by attorney Peter

There was, and probably still is, a sex sting running in Pinellas County. At least ten men have been arrested so far and charged with traveling to meet a minor or solicitation of a minor. Most of the men arrested are young, but in this sting many of them are black, instead of the typically all white defendants. This probably means the police targeted black hookup dating sites. It is very unusual to see a large number of black men arrested in these type of stings. The police in the past have targeted gays and military men but in this one, it seems they targeted Afro-Americans. The arrests will probably continue over the next several days. Often the police go back and arrest people who chatted but did not travel under the theory they instead solicited a minor with dirty texts or chat.
It will be interested to see the details of the arrests. Typically, there is a big press conference where the Sheriff, the FDLE and the police departments involved claim they are making the County safe from sexual predators. In my experience in handling dozens of these cases, the facts prove just the opposite. The police generally pose as an adult. I suspect in this case, the police made the initial contact with most of the defendants targeting adults who had profiles on the various dating sites like “Plenty of Fish” or the date hookup sites. It is not unusual to see the police establish contact with a “wink” and then claim to be 14 or 15 years old. As a sex crime lawyer, I think it is fundamentally unfair and a form of entrapment for the police to initiate contact with an adult looking for another adult and then try and lead them into a cyber conversation with a detective posing as a minor. A much better use of police resources would be for them to try and keep kids, real kids, off the Internet. Lecturing in middle schools would be a good start. Giving lectures at PTA meetings would be a better use of police resources.
My name is Peter D. Aiken, a criminal defense lawyer, and I blog all the time telling men not to interact with minors on the Internet. Sex with someone underage will most of the time get you arrested and is just not worth it. The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime. Don’t even think about hooking up with someone underage. If you are on a hookup site, demand absolute proof of age. To be safe, you should not even think about hooking up with anyone under 21. That gives you a few years just to be safe. Just because a person is arrested for a sex crime does not mean they are guilty.

If you have a family member arrested, do not abandon them. They need you now. If you have questions about a sex sting arrest or sex crime call a sex crime lawyer.

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In 2015 Orange County Sheriff Sued Over 2011 Sex Sting Arrest

Peter D Aiken
The Sex Offender Defender

A man had his case thrown out in Orange County and has filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff in Orange County. He was arrested in a sex sting and clearly entrapped. The State Court Judge dismissed the case when it was shown that he clearly never intended to solicit or have sex with a minor. The police basically tricked him. He was not able to see his kids for over two years. He lost his job and was subjected to terrible publicity and disgraced. As his attorney said, most people will always look at him as a sex offender although he clearly did nothing wrong.

It is going to take a Federal lawsuit to reign in some of the outrageous police misconduct. This appears to be the first one so far in Florida. Some of the State Court judges are finally showing the courage to throw out a few of the cases. It is going to take a judgment against the Sheriff to finally wake up people like Grady Judd. So far, there has been no downside for law enforcement. If a judge later throws out an arrest, it is simply no big deal. Now, if they get sued, and if they lose, they may temper some of their terrible entrapment techniques.

The Orange County case was one of the ones that started on

Over and over the man indicated he was not interested in sex with a minor. It was classic bait and switch. Only when he showed up to meet the adult woman at her “home” was the fact that there were three of them mentioned. It was absolute trickery by the police.As a sex crime lawyer, I wish this man good luck. It will be years before the case is decided, but it is about time someone has taken on the system. To win a lawsuit against the police, you really need the perfect set of facts. Filing a lawsuit and winning it are two different things. You still have to convince a jury to return a verdict for a serious amount to make it worth while. We all wish him luck.

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October 2015 Sex Sting in Panhandle of Florida

Peter D Aiken
Sex Sting Lawyer

This new sex sting just ended hours ago in Okaloosa Florida. This latest Internet sex crime investigation was called “Operation Wolf Hunter”. What law enforcement neglected to mention is that it is the police that are the wolves. The press release said that it targeted men “looking for sex with a child on the Internet”. The truth is that it is the police looking for men on the Internet that they can trick into texting or emailing, after running their basic bait and switch with respect to age. All of the men but one were white. Interestingly, in all of the stings, all across Florida, over 97% of the men arrested are white. Many are young, lonely and introverted. It still amazes me that month after month the sex stings continue to result in multiple arrests for traveling to meet a minor.
Law enforcement is getting more creative in how they lure and bait the men. They have expanded to many social media sites and are not limiting themselves to Craigslist Casual Encounters. They now target the phone “hook up” applications as well as some of the other more general dating sites. In some counties they are targeting the escorts on As a sex crime lawyer, I still feel that a better answer is prevention, not entrapment and prosecution. I have now handled 36 Internet sex sting cases and have yet to see a single instance of a real teenage girl on the Internet looking for sex with an adult. Men just don’t seem to get it. There are no real young girls on the Internet looking to hook up. If you ever get an email or text that even remotely hints that the person on the other side is 13 or 14, flag it and report it. Never communicate with a minor. It is not a minor, it is the police 99% of the time.
“Are you a cop” is asked in almost every case I handle. Why do people think the police have to tell the truth? Why do you think they call it undercover? The police do not have to tell the truth when asked that question. They never do. It amazes me that some people still think, that if the question is asked, and the police lie, the case has to be thrown out. Asking that question means absolutely nothing. Later on, the State attorney will use that “question” as evidence that you knew you were doing something wrong. Bottom line is to never, no never, communicate with a minor on the Internet, the telephone or through an application on a laptop or smartphone.
If a son, brother or relative has been busted in one of these stings and you want to talk to an attorney with actual experience in trying these types of cases feel free to call for a free consultation. Not all criminal lawyers have actual experience in sex sting cases and if you want to bring in an attorney to help your local counsel call an experienced sex crime attorney.

Another 2015 Internet Sex Sting in Boynton Beach Florida

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Another Internet Sex Sting in Boynton Beach Florida
A sixty four year old retired educator was arrested in Palm Beach County by the Boynton Beach police and charged with a number of Internet sex offenses. The police claim he was chatting with and undercover cop posing as a fifteen year old boy. They claim that the chats had been going on for quite a while culminating in a meeting and arrest.
The problem with the Internet is that you cannot believe anything you see or read. Half the time the person you are chatting with is not real or not who they claim to be. You have adult men pretending to be younger. You have You have adult men pretending to be younger. You cannot believe photographs or pics that are sent. There is no way to tell what is real and what is not. Often men are lured to a meeting and when they show up they are arrested. Curiosity killed the cat. Just showing up does not mean you actually intended to engage in sex. When it comes to “sexting”, the photographs may or not be real and may or may not be photos of the person actually sending them. I once represented a man who was depicted lying on the beach with a large flesh colored rubber penis hanging out of his bathing suit. In a photograph it would appear to be real, but in reality, it was a fake.
As a sex crime lawyer, I have seen it all. As it becomes harder are harder for the police to set up stings on heterosexual men, they have begun to target gay men on Adam4Adam,, and The internet tasks forces are now moving into the less known gay dating sites. The internet tasks forces are now moving into the less known gay dating sites. Each case is different but generally the core issue is “who is doing the seducing”. Who is doing the “luring and enticing”. Some of these cases have valid defenses. Did the undercover officer ask for a dirty “pic”? Did the police solicit the sexual conduct or content. If arrested in a internet underage sex sting or child pornography sex sting, call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

Why have so many Disney employees been arrested in Sex Stings?

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Why have so many Disney employees been arrested in Sex Stings?

Just this week CNN ran a special highlighting the fact that over thirty Disney employees have been arrested in Internet sex stings.  The impression given on national television is that the park is crawling with child sex predators.  I really wish CNN had focused a little more on the way Sheriff Grady Judd is running the stings.  Everyone has seen Grady Judd on television bragging that he is keeping his County safe from pedophiles.  The truth is that with the grant from ICAC he is justifying the millions received from the Department of Justice.  The task force comprised of various members of the Florida Sheriff’s Association has run numerous stings, many of which originate in Polk, Seminole and Lake County near the Disney park.  The sex stings in many instances involve conduct that is clearly entrapment.  They are not preventing crime in Polk, they are creating it.

I have been blogging on this for years.  It still amazes me how effective the undercover cops are in seducing and enticing unsuspecting me on the Internet.  The motive may be true but the way the police implement the stings is in some instances outrageous.  The police almost always post ads in adult sites or respond to ads posted in adult sites.  The undercover tactics have now been expanded to other smart phone applications.  After engaging someone on the Internet or on a smart phone the undercover officers move the discussion to sex.  They will then generally do what I call the basic “switch” and have the undercover chatter mention age saying something like “I lied, I am really 14, I hope you are not mad at me”.  I have seen chats where the undercover officers actually suggest sex and suggest travel.  This is clearly entrapment.

These cases are not totally hopeless. There have now been a number of Court decisions finding that the police conduct constitutes entrapment as a matter of law.  A few of the courts have actually dismissed cases before trial.

As a sex crime lawyer, I track the decisions across the State.  I have a number of cases working their way through the State and Federal system now and am optimistic about several more Courts making similar finding.  If you or a loved one have been arrested in an Internet sex sting or a Florida Child Pornography Internet Sting and need a sex sting lawyer, call me, Peter D. Aiken.  There is no charge for a consultation.   I will continue to blog and educate the public as to what is really happening.

Call 941 366 3506 or visit


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More Police Entrapment in Seminole County Operation Safe Net


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More Police Entrapment in Seminole County Operation Safe Net

 Law enforcement put their typical spin on the latest Internet Sex Sting in Seminole County named Operation safe Net.  The operation called Safe Net tricked 26 men into traveling to meet a minor.  Sadly, the public may never know the truth about how these men were lured and seduced by the undercover police.  When you read the media reports, they claim that the men were trolling the Internet searching for sex with a minor.  When you actually look at the facts you will see that it is the police that were trolling the Internet trying to lure men into chat, email and texting with undercover cops. As an experience FLORIDA SEX STING LAWYER I have handled a case in Seminole County.

Over 100 members of law enforcement were involved in the operation.  I wonder how many burglaries and robberies and real rapes occurred while the men in blue were chatting on the Internet with otherwise law abiding citizens.  As a sex crime lawyer, I have handled almost two dozen of what they call “Traveler” cases in Seminole, Manatee, Lee, Sarasota, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.  The pattern is always the same.  The police are the ones doing the seducing and luring.  The police are the ones inviting travel.  The police are the ones sending seductive photographs.  Many of these cases have valid defenses and an experienced sex offense lawyer may be able to make a difference in whether or not the accused becomes a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.  Not all criminal defense lawyers have handled a large number of these types of Cyber crime offenses.  Defending a sex case is different from defending a dui or some other criminal case.  My prediction is that when the true facts come out, many of the 26 men that were arrested will resolve their cases for lesser included offenses and non sex offender charges.  The key to getting good results in Florida sex sting cases is a having a good understanding of the law, the Internet and being able to drive a hard bargain based on good facts, good law and determination.  If you or a loved one has been arrested in Operation Safe Net or some other Florida sex sting, call for a free consultation at  941-366-3596

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