Fourteen More Arrested in Sex Sting in Putnam County

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March 2018

“Operation Be Mine” in Putnam Co

No matter how many times you see the news flashes on television about the Internet sex stings, men continue to fall for the pitch and continue to get arrested for soliciting minors. Sex is a powerful instinctive force. The law however is the law. It is against the law to have sex with anyone under the age of 16, and if you are over 24, the minimum age is 17. Men still fall for the online undercover chatter pitch month after months. Here is the reality guys.

If there is an ad on the Internet using the word “taboo”, it is an undercover police officer.
If there is an ad where a purported relative wants someone to have sex with their daughter, niece or nephew, it is the police.
If there is an ad where some young girl is looking for an older guy to teach her about sex, it is the police

Here are some golden rules to live by. The best way to not get arrested is simple. Do not violate the law. Never travel to meet anyone under 21 just to be safe. Demand proof of age. Do not assume that if they are on Craigslist or any other site they are over 18. Demand proof of age, not just what they say, demand actual proof. Be careful about meeting anyone you talk to on the Internet. It could be a robbery, a shakedown or some type of extortion.
Here is another golden rule. Never send a penis pic to anyone, even an adult over the Internet. As a sex crime lawyer, time after time, I see guys arrested for transmitting a dick pic to an undercover detective claiming to be some young girl or guy. If you are gay, you are a target for police undercover sex stings. The cops pose as twinks over 18 and then do the bait and switch claiming to be 13 or 14. If you ever are chatting with anyone and they mention 13, 14 or 15, terminate the chat immediately and flag the posting. The police are also using the dating applications that automatically match up strangers. They then throw out the age at 13, 14, or 15. Do not get sucked in by curiosity.

Curiosity killed the cat and it will land you in jail.
Do not become a registered sex offender for life.
Do not end up on sex offender probation.

Remember the old TV drug ads that said “just say no”? If it is a minor, “JUST SAY NO”
The best way not to need a bondsman or to need me is to JUST SAY NO. The secret to not needing a lawyer like me is to simply not give in to temptation and resist the urge to chat with anyone underage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And oh, by the way, it is an absolute myth that cops have to tell you they are a cop if you ask them. That is not true. I don’t know why people believe that. They don’t call them “undercover cops” for nothing.
If you have been arrested for traveling to meet a minor or Internet solicitation, there may be valid defenses to the charge. It may be entrapment. The police may have violated the constitution.

Initial Consultation is free. If arrested in an internet child sex sting and need an attorney please call today.

If you or a relative got busted in an on line child sex sting and want to talk, give me a call.

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Why Are the Internet Sex Stings still up and Running?

Peter D Aiken
Sex Crime Lawyer

The reason is because they are still working. Men are still being tempted, and continuing to be curious when the police run the “teaser” posts on Craigslist Casual Encounters and the other social media sites. Curiosity killed the cat and curiosity can get you arrested and land you in State prison. The latest teaser post used by law enforcement is a reverse psychology “warning” where the undercover chatters put up a post on Craigslist “warning” people that “the girl is not real” or that “the girl is underage, so don’t call it”. Incredibly some people will respond to this and contact the “minor” direct. It makes it difficult, but not impossible, to raise a defense when the post the person responds to is a warning saying “don’t do it”

The undercover ICAC chatters are also still constantly running the Sex Sting where they claim to be a relative, a mother, a father, an Uncle or an Aunt who has a teenager who needs “experience” or needs to be taught something sexual. This is always a police undercover trap. No parent or relative ever wants their child to be taught anything sexual by a stranger. Think about that. Teenagers nowadays don’t need to be taught anything about sex. There are no virgin girls out there that need anything from an older man. Simply responding out of curiosity can get you arrested, prosecuted and put away in prison. The best way to stay out of jail is to not commit a crime. Don’t even think about responding to this type of pitch. More importantly, don’t even for a second think about having sex with anyone under 18. That’s correct, I said 18, not 17. It is unlawful for a man over 24 to have sex with a seventeen year old.
They don’t call it jail bait for nothing. Here is the real shocker. Did you know that now almost thirty percent of teenage girls engage in “sexting” where they send inappropriate naked sexual pics to their boyfriends? Did you know that possessing such a pic or forwarding such a pic can get you convicted of child pornography? We live in a dangerous world where it is easy in a moment of weakness or curiosity to do something stupid. Think twice. If something sounds illegal or immoral, don’t do it. Feeling guilty about something is nothing more than conscience, about an hour too late.

As a sex crime lawyer I have seen men’s lives turned upside down from a single mistake in a moment of weakness
If you think you have made a mistake or are under investigation and need to talk, give me a call.

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Time for another Green Shepherd Sex Sting

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Valentines day special.Talk to a cop and get arrested

Manatee County Sheriffs office has not run an Internet sex sting now in some time. Another sting is overdue. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Never engage in any type of texting with anyone underage. Do not assume that if they have an ad on an adult site that they are an adult. Never send a penis pic to anyone, much less a person that even remotely hints they are underage. If you are chatting online, and the person all of a sudden changes age, and claims to be underage, terminate all conversation and flag the ad. Everyone has an obligation to keep real kids out of adult sites and if a person you are chatting with even suggests they are a minor stop all communication and report them

There is a scam being run on the adult sites. A person posing as a woman will engage you in chat. They will get you to send a penis pic. You will then get a text, or a call if they have your phone number, from a man posing as a police detective. He will confront you and tell you that you have sent an obscene pic to a minor. He will try and convince you that by sending money you can have your case resolved with some type of program or diversion. This is nothing but a money hustle. This is not a policeman.It is a scammer
In the last year, there is a new tactic being used by ICAC chatters. The police will post a warning on Craigslist saying dont call this number, she is only 13. The posting will hint that a mother, an uncle or other relative wants someone to teach the young girl. Sadly, sometimes out of pure curiosity a man will respond and be tricked into chatting or traveling to meet a minor. As a sex sting lawyer, I have seen hundreds of postings by law enforcement, many of which are pure entrapment. Do not be weak. Never, no never, chat with a minor. There is no such thing as innocent chat and it will ultimately lead to your arrest. Dont let curiosity get the best of you. Curiosity killed the cat and curiosity will land you in State prison.

Some people engage in fantasy chat or role playing online. This is what years ago the phone sex operators would get you to do paying for it minute by minute. Fantasy is OK. Talking dirty is ok.butNever with a minor. You can end up getting arrested for even fantasy chat or role play if the person you are chatting with is an undercover chatter and if they have claimed to be underage. Here are some important things to know so you dont accidently violate the law.

There are no young girls on the Internet that need someone to teach them about sex

There are no moms, dads, uncles or aunts that need someone to teach their kid about sex

There are no young guys that are curious that need an older guy to show them anything

On Craigslist Casual EncountersDont believe anything you see

They dont call it Jail Bait for nothing. Sex with a minor equals time in prison

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False Accusations by Students and Relatives

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November 4 2017

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If you are a teacher, a foster parent or stepfather, you are at risk of being falsely accused of a sex crime.

We live in a world where because of television programs, everyone assumes that an accusation by a child is the truth. In many instances, it is not. The problem we have is that many detectives blindly assume that the minor is telling the truth. As a sex crime lawyer, I deal daily with kids making false accusations. It can be out of anger at a stepfather or resentment of a teacher. The simple truth is, some kids lie, and they lie convincingly. The huge problem is that many detectives, because they deal over and over with real true allegations, are conditioned to believe that all accusations are true. False accusation cases can be successfully defended, particularly if they are investigated before charges are filed. If you are falsely accused, speak with a qualified sex crime lawyer immediately, before you get arrested.

Not all lawyers are experienced in defending sexual battery cases.

Many lawyers simply do not want to handle those types of cases. In defending sex crimes for over thirty years, I have found teenage girls to be a huge problem when it comes to being truthful. For example, if they are living with a stepfather, and want mom to get back together with dad, all they have to do is make an unfounded accusation against the stepfather and DCF and detectives get involved. It gets the stepfather kicked out of the house immediately. The teenage girl becomes the focus of everyone’s attention, including her biological dad. Everyone immediately presumes her to be a poor victim of sexual abuse. She gets everyone’s immediate attention.


The consequences of a false accusation are huge. If convicted, a person becomes a registered sex offender for life. A person can spend years in prison for something they did not do.

Teachers are often immediately suspended during an investigation, even before the truth is known. Not all lawyers know how to deal with these situations. For example, some lawyers will let their clients be interviewed by law enforcement, before they know the real facts. It is not an admission of guilt to “lawyer up” immediately. It may be the best decision you ever made in your life. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Most good lawyers, including myself, will offer a free consultation. If you are contacted by law enforcement, politely say, “I would like to talk to a lawyer before answering questions”. Do not be lulled into a false sense of confidence by a slick detective telling you “this will only take a minute”. Never go to the police station unrepresented. The detectives will often have the alleged victim make a “controlled” recorded call where the young lady or young man tries to get a person to admit over the phone to improper contact.

If you find yourself under investigation for any type of sex crime, give me a call at 941 366 3506. I have been handling sex cases for over thirty years and hopefully will be able to help you

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Can you get arrested for simply chatting online?

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The answer to that is yes! Law enforcement is getting more aggressive and now arresting more and more men for simply chatting or texting with undercover detectives in the Internet sex stings.

In the past, the police were only arresting men they could tempt into traveling to meet a minor for sex. In the past year, fewer and fewer men have fallen for the bait and switch, and fewer men have actually gotten in their car and driven to the take down houses and other locations to get arrested. With the falling number of arrests, now the various Sheriff’s departments are actually arresting men for simply chatting with fictitious underage girls or boys. You can actually get arrested for fantasy chat in situations where nothing is real. You can be arrested and prosecuted for simply talking about sex with a minor, much less actually doing it. We now have “thought police” that will arrest you for talking dirty on the Internet. Is local law enforcement that desperate to get the Federal ICAC grant money?

About: Attorney Peter D. Aiken

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.

If you are in an adult dating site, or using an adult dating application on your smart phone, and the other party at any time even remotely suggests they are underage, terminate the conversation and flag the posting. If it was a real minor, you have done the right thing in keeping a minor off the Internet. Most of the time, the police are trolling in adult sites at first pretending to be an adult. If in any conversation you see or hear “sorry, I lied, I’m really only 14” or “I am too young to drive” or “I am in middle school”, immediately stop communicating and flag the posting. Once again, if it was a real minor, you have done the right thing. One of the common law enforcement ploys is the one where they pretend to be a single mom, looking for someone to teach their daughter. No mother in her right mind would ever post anything like that. Never, no never, communicate with anyone pretending to be a mother or father. These posts are simply not real and you can get arrested for simply chatting about sex with a minor.

Don’t even think about it!

The police are getting more and more desperate to keep the arrest statistics up and getting more and more aggressive in the chats. There are no 14 or 15 year old girls who want some older guy to teach them about sex. Don’t fool yourself….it is never real. Don’t even think about it, much less talk about it. You will not end up in fantasy jail, you will end up in a real one. The other poly is for undercover chatters to ask for a “pic” hoping you will send a “dick pic”. Sending this type of ”pic” to detective pretending to be a minor is a crime. I have seen cases where the “pic” is sent before age is mentioned and then the detectives lie and say they are 14 or 15 and try and get the person to send it again. Never send any inappropriate “Pic” to a minor.

It seems to me that we have enough real crime and police resources could be better spent arresting people for real crime, not creating crimes with entrapment techniques. The police will not stop the sex stings until the sex stings stop working. It looks like that will never happen.

I have handled dozens of these cases all over Florida and some are defensible. Before you plea your case with a public defender, and end up being a registered sex offender, you might want to consider private representation. Call 941 366 3506 for a confidential free consultation.

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The sex sting arrests just keep coming. No matter how much publicity, no matter how many warnings, law enforcement keeps getting men to fall for the same old bait and switch sex sting.
It amazes me that the police keep using the same tactics over and over and men keep falling for the same bait. Get this straight…There are no young girls out there that want someone to teach them about sex. There are no single mothers that want a mentor to teach their daughter about the “ways of life”. There are no older sisters that want to find a guy to teach their younger sister about sex. All of these ads on Craigslist are placed there by police. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.

They don’t call it “jail bait” for nothing.

Many of the men arrested are shy and introverted. In my experience in the last few years, I have found that many of the young men arrested suffer from developmental disabilities including a form of Autism. If you have a son or daughter arrested in one of the stings and you child has a disability, you need to have a lawyer that knows how to raise that issue in his defense. There are specific Court rules dealing with defendants with Autism and developmental or cognitive disabilities. Sadly, the police take advantage of the mentally challenged in some of the sex stings.

People with mental challenges should not be prosecuted in these types of cases. A person with Autism simply does not understand the consequences, and can easily be let into an inappropriate situation chatting or texting on a computer or cellphone with an undercover detective. As a sex sting lawyer, I have represented many young men with mental difficulties and challenges. Prison is not the answer for mentally challenged young men.

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Volusia Sex Sting….A walk in the park


June 4 2017

The arrest of sixteen men was announced yesterday in Volusia County as a result of a four day “sex sting” in several of the local parks. Of the eighteen men, only one black man was arrested. The men were charged with various offenses relating to lewd and lascivious conduct. One was charged with “battery”, a non consensual touching.
All across Florida there are known hookup spots for gay men. These are mostly at County parks and public restrooms. I understand the police point of view that this conduct should not be tolerated in public. There is another side to this story. Throughout all of history, homosexuality has existed. It has been tolerated and at other times persecuted. The simple fact it that male homosexuality does exist. Rather than treat it as a crime, possibly a better approach would be to tacitly tolerate it in certain areas. What if there was a designated area where men could go and hook up? I agree that people visiting public parks and restrooms should not be subjected to men exposing themselves in a vulgar manner. Exhibitionism has existed throughout all of recorded time. Maybe a more civilized approach would be to designate certain areas where some conduct is tolerated.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I routinely represent men charged with these types of offenses.

I have never represented a woman similarly charged. Why is that? Have you ever heard of a lesbian being arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior in a public park? This is peculiarly a “male” issue.
Why was there only one black man arrested? Why were the remaining 17 men white and mostly middle aged? Is this conduct somehow connected to aging? Do some men as they age change their sexual preferences or orientation? Does it have anything to do with a change is testosterone levels? How many of these men were married? The sad thing is that arrests and criminal prosecutions and public humiliation do not seem to be the answer. Each of these men now has a blemish on their record. Many will be on “ Rather than make arrests, how about “warnings” or “citations” or a “summons to appear” in Court? There has to be a better way to deal with this problem.

The Grady Judd Polk Sex Sting Show


Today, May 23, 2017, Grady Judd was again on television telling the public how he was protecting their children from sex predators.

His office arrested 19 men charged with various sex crimes including traveling to meet a minor, solicitation of a minor, and attempted lewd and lascivious.

The Sheriff make it appear that “predators” are lurking on the Internet trying to seduce innocent kids.


Here is the real truth.


The undercover detectives are on the Internet posing as adults. After they make contact with a potential defendant, they claim to be underage. They pretend to be parents offering children for sex. They engage in conversations trying to convince men to participate.

The men are not in children’s chat rooms.

They are in adult sites. In some instances the police actually contact men who have ads posted in adult sites looking for consenting adults.

Classic bait and switch.

Grady Judd claims that the U. S. Air Force Special Investigations officers are involved. It is against Federal Law (The Posse Comitatus Act) for the military to be actively involved in purely State criminal law enforcement investigations.
It is a Federal felony.

The detectives use mobile phone applications that randomly hook up potential “Dates” based on location. After the random contact, the detective poses as someone underage. In most instances, the men are not looking for a minor. The sheriff makes a big deal over the fact they ”bring condoms”. What is left out is the fact that the undercover officers ask them to bring condoms.

The best way to not get arrested in Polk County is to not commit a crime.

Never communicate with a minor or an adult offering a minor.

If you see an ad like that, flag it and report it to the police. Never give in to temptation. There are no real teenage girls that need a “teacher” when it comes to sex. If someone even hints they are underage, terminate all contact. It does no good to say “are you a cop”. What do you expect them to say? Never, no never travel to meet a minor for anything, even out of curiosity. They don’t call it “jail bait” for nothing. Interacting with someone underage always ends badly, with an arrest and prison.

It is not worth it. Do not do it.

As a criminal defense lawyer I am amazed that month after month Grady Judd continues to make arrests. They manufacture crime in Polk County. They create crimes and create arrests, and there seems to be no end. Don’t even think about committing a sex crime in Polk or … will end up in the Pokey.


39 arrests in undercover Polk County child sex sting, prostitution bust, deputies say

Polk Co. investigation leads to 39 arrests in online sex sting

PCSO News Release


Another Huge Internet Sex Sting in Jacksonville

Sex Sting Lawyer Peter D Aiken
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Defending Sex Sting arrests throughout Florida
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Charlotte County 941-639-6009
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May 18 2017

The sheriff and other participating law enforcement officers announced the arrest of 21 men in the latest Jacksonville sex sting.

The men were as young as 21 and as old as 61.

The police claim that two of the men resisted and tried to get away.

They paid the price and their booking photos reflect it. Most of the men got charged with traveling to meet a minor or use of a computer to solicit a minor. Some got charged with unlawful use of a two way communication device.

The latest sting is called Operation Watchdog.

I could not help but notice that in the booking photos it looked like a couple of the suspects got roughed up a bit. For whatever reason, in a lot of the stings, the police slam them to the ground and twist their arms.

Sadly excessive force is something everyone seems to ignore.

They did another big media presentation with the usual suspects displayed on poster board. What the public does not realize, is that in many of the cases, it is the police that seek out people with ads on Internet dating sites. Although the person may have posted looking for an adult female, the police will respond and then pretend to be a minor. The truth is that on the Internet you can believe nothing. People lie all the time about their age, their gender and their looks. Just because someone says they are 13 or 14 does not mean it is true.

Just because they say they are a woman, does not mean it is true.

I have now defended sting cases all over Florida and in my experience, most of the time, it is the police doing the luring, seducing and enticing. In making an arrest, the police ignore the fact that they are lying about age or intentions but on the same hand claim that the person responding is telling the truth.


I had a case thrown out once where the Judge correctly concluded that it was nothing more than two people lying to each other.

There are defenses to these types of cases. There are technical and factual defenses and many defense lawyers simply lack real experience in sex stings and lack knowledge about the Internet. I have been handling stings going all the way back to the Chris Hansen TV show “To catch a predator”.

Do not abandon a relative or coworker.

Do not believe what you see on television in the media reports.

The stations are fed a bunch or distorted facts and often what you see on television is later turned out not to be true. Young men can have their lives ruined and end up being a registered sex offender for life, not to mention serving time in State prison.

These cases are tough and if charged, a person needs a tough lawyer that knows his stuff.

There is no charged for the initial consultation. We may be able to help.

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Gainesville Internet Sex Sting….Waste of Taxpayer money!

Florida Sex Sting Lawyer
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Florida Sex Sting Lawyer Peter D Aiken

March 30 2017

Operation Resilient in the Alachua County area

The latest sex sting in Gainesville netted 15 arrests.

It tied up 46 officers from seven agencies for a week.

The average sex sting costs about $80,000 in police time, money and resources, not to mention what is spent after that in Court appearances, depositions and trials. The police spokesman claimed that it was “vital for the community” to protect our children. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Sex stings actually create crime, not prevent it. Skillful police go on the Internet posing as adults and then do a classic bait and switch and claim to be a child, usually 13 or 14 years old. They lure and entice unsuspecting men and try and convince them to come and meet. They often send suggestive pictures of girls that look like adults.

Most of the men apprehended are not pedophiles but rather shy, introverted and often mentally challenged or intellectually disabled semi-adults.

I have defended over forty of these cases in Counties around Florida and in my opinion it is a colossal waste of manpower and money.

Think how many real crimes could have been prevented or how many actual violent criminals could have been apprehended by the 46 officers tied up in the sting.

Why does law enforcement run sex stings like this?

For the local Sheriff, an elected official, most of the time it is about getting publicity. After all, they can run again, claiming they have made the streets safe for kids. That is simply not true. For the other agencies it is a way to justify getting Federal funds. The departments have to justify Federal ICAC grants and funding. It is an easy way to create feel good statistics, and keep the money flowing. There are defenses to these types of cases. The man arrested may have been illegally entrapped. He may have been lied to and fallen for a bait and switch. He may be intellectually challenged. I am representing two Autistic men now in a similar sting. They appear to be functioning adults but in reality function at the level of a twelve year old. Do not abandon a relative arrested in a case like this. You cannot believe what you see on television. There is a world of difference between what the Sheriff says on the TV and what really happened.

If a friend or relative was arrested and you want to discuss the various options with an experienced sex crime lawyer, call me at 941 366 3506

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